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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A mid-week find + our upcoming Sister adventure!

Well, as I quickly notice my sister giving me a run for my money on our new blogging endeavour, I've decided it is time to tell about our upcoming trip.  You know you've been over thrifting an area when you start recognizing items on the shelf from prior visits and the employees at Goodwill start giving you disgusted stares.  So, Sister and I have been talking for a while about expanding our horizons.  We live 4 hours apart, which is more than torture at times, so meeting in the Portland area is a great half way point for us.  We are meeting in Portland Monday afternoon and spending all day Tuesday on an adventure that includes a list of 33 THRIFT STORES!  I'm sure we will find other stops along the way, and this may be too ambitious of a plan, but man are we excited!

  I have to say getting to see all Sister's finds over the last week is resulting in serious withdrawals.  I find myself wanting to sneak to my cell phone during class (I'm a middle school science/math teacher) to see what she has found.  I have seriously contemplated taking a detour to just one store on my drive home, but I must stop myself.  Spending my evenings gazing longingly at thrifting blogs only grazes the surface of this itch.  I have to keep telling myself that the weekend is almost here and that I need to be responsible, but I admit it, I'm addicted to thrifting!

The one reprieve I've had from this torture is this adorable snack set my husband brought home to me on Tuesday.  I think Sister and I have created a monster, because after his first Pyrex find over the weekend, he can't stay out of the stores.  He found this 8 piece snack set in its original box and purchased it for $5 at the same shop we got all the Pyrex last week.  I found that it is a Hazel Atlas set from the 1950s.  I'm starting to get more and more attracted to snack sets and this is my favorite so far.   If you look closely there is a spot on the tray to rest a cigarette (not that I would use it, but kind of cute, right?)

Stay tuned for the recap of the trip and I have a few finds from Sisters' visit to the coast that I hope to share this weekend!  Happy Thrifting!

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