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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Awesome I Had To Post It Twice!

Just wanted to share this with those of you who are following our blog but not the Pyrex Collective 2.  For those of you have already seen this, sorry for the repost.

Here It Is!

Since our posting last weekend, we have received a few comments from people wanting to see the Pyrex lighted sign we found in action. Well here she is!

Proudly displayed on the planter shelf above my kitchen pantry. I LOVE IT!! Luckily the outlet up there is on a wall switch. Otherwise that would be a lot of climbing up and down the ladder to turn it on everyday. But for the sake of Pyrex, I would do it.


  1. i had to go back to the beginning to see the PYREX sign that started it all. That is a great sign and so perfect for you to find!

  2. Thanks, Laurie. I still get a little thrill everytime I turn it on. Maddie and I had a great time meeting and talking with you yesterday. Hopefully we can all get together in the future for some antiquing fun:-)