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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Cold Day but Worth It!

Let me just start off my saying that I had every intention of being productive around my house today.  But low and behold, sometime during my slumber an ad had been posted on Craigslist for an estate sale that started at 8 am.  So after bribing Miss Maddy with Carl's Jr., we were out the door into the 24 degree morning.  We arrived at the house at 7:45 and Maddy declared that she would wait in the car because anybody who would stand in line for an estate sale in the cold were "dumb". Lucky for me the garage door opened about 2 minutes after I got in line.  Once the three guys ahead of me determined that there were no knives or postcards, they were gone.  Evidently, vintage pottery and glassware just weren't there thing.  Lucky for me it's mine!
None of the items in the sale were priced so I offered $15.00 for all of this.  The lady running the sale countered with $20.00 and I took it.  All of the items with the exception of the tall blue vase in the back are either Haeger or McCoy.  All are in perfect condition too!
I was able to get this set of Libbey Gold Leaf glasses for $3.00.  I have a few of these glasses in random sizes that I've picked up at St. Vincent but none of the juice glass size.  I also found out that these glasses were featured on Mad Men.  I don't watch it but I've heard that they also have Pyrex on it from time to time.  Must not be a bad show!
I have found an abnormal amount of vintage Tang pitchers in the last week.  It's a good thing my family likes Tang!
4 Quart Yellow Butterprint Cinderella Bowl in MINT condition.  Need I say more?

3 days and counting 'till our big Sister Adventure!  I'm so excited!!  Sister is at Goodwill right now so I'm pretty sure we will all be hearing from her soon.......


  1. So so jealous of your Yellow Butterprint! I'm excited to have a new Pyrex blog to follow. Can't wait to see what you find next!

    I'm a Pyrex collector as well (especially Butterprint): http://daydreaminginturquoise.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh that orange butterprint is delish! You're so lucky! This is one piece I'd almost kill for.

  3. I've only seen yellow Butterprint online - sure hope I find one some day!!! Lucky you!

  4. Yes indeed they are on Mad Men! (found your blog via the P.C., now following!) and I have 8 of the medium high ball glasses,6 the juice glasses, and 5 wine glasses, the decanter, 2 sherbert bowls, and the chip bowl that goes to a "chip-n-dip" in the same pattern!

    1. Wow, sounds like you have an AWESOME collection! Mine is slowly starting to grow. I love the decanter the best. I will admit that I am pretty jealous of your chip bowl. That's definitely something I am gonna keep my eye out for. Thanks for following us! I found your blog this morning and LOVE it. I am your newest follower. Have a great week!