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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our first post and a very exciting find

Neither one of us had ever thought that we would be to a point where we would blog about our thrifting finds, although we both enjoy others' posts.  Today that all changed when we definitely found something that we had never seen before and that we can't find anywhere after hours of research on the Internet.  At a thrifter's paradise in Astoria, Oregon we found this............

This fluorescent lighted advertisement states "Flameware Pyrex Ovenware." We would welcome any kind of information that anyone has about this light.  We haven't been able to find any information about it and would love to hear if anyone has even seen something like this before.  We are really excited to have it and because we are huge Pyrex collectors, this is the find of a life time.  We will give it a perfect home!


  1. I have this exact sign. it even seems to be worn in the same places , near the ends.
    probably normal wear from changing the bulb. mine is empty, though.no bulb wires or nothing.just the case. i've got white Christmas lights in it .
    I got it at a "vintage &stuff" shop that a friend runs ,up here in Montreal , Québec.
    the different collectors Facebook groups i'm part of have agreed that this sign would be from the earlier Pyrex period , maybe late forties, from the lettering on the pyrex logo. i have seen a couple on the web. never any prices though. i traded mine for an antique bankers chair. he ended up getting 200bucks for. what did you guys pay for yours?

    1. I have posted the Pyrex display piece I bought in 2013 on Flickr.


      It is the same lighted sign, double sided, but is attached to the top of this display stand.