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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Crazy Thrifty Week

So after getting home on Sunday after a long week of thrifting, this is what my dining room table looked like
Well, if we had any hope of ever eating at my brand new dining room table ever again, I had to get to work.  Plus, I told myself NO MORE THRIFTING until everything on this table was put away.  No more thrifting? Are you crazy?  Yes, this is how desperate I was to get everything put away.  So after what seemed like forever of unpacking and pulling off price stickers, this is what I unearthed

Not a bad haul for the week, huh?  I won't go through every little thing that I bought but here are some of the highlights
Two Royal China Jeannette Pie Plates.  My mother in law has these and I have always loved them.  She still uses them so its probably unfair to ask her for them yet, right?  Anyway, I paid $1.00 for them at a teen helpline thrift store.  I have seen them at an antique store for $38.00 for one!  So now this brings my count to four of these plates.  Yes, Sister.  I will give one to Pam (my mother in law) now.
I love vintage retro clocks.  These Westclox Dialite clocks in the Bakelite case were only $1.50 each at St. Vincents.  One has made its new home on my nightstand.  The other three are destined for Etsy.
Three Fire-King Jade-ite dessert plates.  Sister and I are pretty new to the whole Jade-ite collection frenzy but these were only $1.20 each, the cheapest I have ever seen anything Jade-ite.
And finally, what little girl doesn't need her very first pair of vintage cowboy boots?  Miss Maddy is well aware of her aunt's and mama's obsession and now she has officially joined the club!  Acme hand painted leather boots.  The turquoise isn't showing up really good in the picture but it is a beautiful shade of my favorite retro color.  These weren't a bargain ($40.00) but absolutely too cute to pass up!

Check back later in the week!  I will be posting Part Two of my week in thrifting!

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