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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Part 2 of Crazy Thrifty Week

So as promised, here are a few more of the highlights from my busy thrifting week last week
I got this super cute hand painted bread box from a junk store downtown.  I had a very specific place for it in mind when I bought it.  I was going to put it on the plant shelf above my kitchen pantry but now I will have to find a new home for it since that spot is going to proudly display my Pyrex lighted sign.

This ribbed heavy glass container caught my eye because of the glass lid.  I didn't notice that it was a Nutra Sweet canister until I got it home.  I am not sure of how old it is but it is very retro looking & I LOVE IT!  To make it better, it was only $.50 at St. Vincents.
I collect vintage syrup dispensers and the more colorful the top, the better,  I picked the red one up an an antique store in Seaside and the yellow topped one at Goodwill.  Funny thing is the one I got at Goodwill actually cost more.
When I picked this up at St. Vincents, I thought it was another syrup dispenser.  Then I noticed it was shaped like a honey comb.  Brilliant!  A honey dispenser.  Again, not sure how old this is but it is going to be extremely useful in our household!
I just recently started to collect vintage pottery.  It reminds me of my Aunt Colleen who actually is the one who got me interested in everything vintage.  The first few pieces that I picked up I got at her vintage shop.  I love the bright colors especially during this dreary Oregon winter.
My husband, Brian, picked up this Fire-King lidded casserole dish at a Goodwill on our way back from visiting Astoria.  I'm just starting to learn about Fire-King and I am not sure if this is a keeper or an Etsy item but I do love the retro pattern on it.  I might just have to display it. 

I did a little bit of thrifting today so my table is back to looking similar as it did earlier in the week.  I will keep you all posted!  Also, be sure and check out our blog on The Pyrex Collective 2 to see what has been going on in Pyrex land.  Hey Sister, what have you been up to this week?

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