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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What I've Been Finding Lately...

Happy Tuesday!

This time of year, I tend to buy a bit more online and in the antique malls than I normally would.  I have a vintage itch that I just have got to scratch.  Don't judge me!  But seriously, the thought of having dig through so much junk at the thrifts in order to maybe find a single treasure coupled with the major lack of sales due to the season, makes me a little desperate.  Now, don't go thinking I'm mortgaging the house and making Alex drop out of college in order to fund the necessary purchases.  Oh no, I'm still a savvy little thrifer, even when I'm not actually thrifting.

A wonderful IG friend gave me the opportunity to purchase some of her amazing Pyrex Strategic Air Command plates.  Aqua and stars?  No way could I pass these up.

Do you guys know how long I have coveted this sweet tin?  I'm so happy I didn't give in to the full retail prices in the antique malls during the holidays.  After Christmas I got it for 50% off!

I did actually find something at the thrift recently.  While on the hunt for a dresser, I took a quick peek in the holiday stuff and found the bunny candy container.  The recipe box is full of handwritten recipes.  I will never understand how someone can just donate such an amazing family heirloom.

I'm not one to pass up a vintage cake carrier that I didn't already have, even if I'm running out of room to display them!  I love cover of this BH & G cookbook and was happy to add it to my collection.  I really need to come up with a good way to display my cookbooks.  They are so colorful!

My Snowflake collection is getting closer to completion.  I found the 043 at my favorite local antique mall the last time Hanna was visiting.

One more bowl to go and I will have the Fire King Rainbow Swirl set completed.  It will probably be the hardest one to find!

One of the things on my wish list for 2015 was a new shelf to display my vintage tablecloths.

It always feels so good to check things off of my wish list!

Linking up over at Sir Thrift-A-Lot.  It's been a while!

Have an awesome week~



  1. I love all your finds, but I especially love the shelf and your tablecloth display. Very pretty!

  2. The shelf is so perfect! I wish I could dig through all those tablecloths! lol
    It's so messed up that I don't have a single vintage cake carrier, considering that I went to school to learn how to make cakes! Don't I deserve one??
    I'm now putting it at the top of my "find it" list! :)
    I can't believe those star Pyrex plates exist! They're the ultimate...stars and aqua!
    Great stuff! Erica :)

  3. The aqua and star plates are crazy awesome! I totally understand about trolling online and the malls to get that fix this time of year...waiting for the junking season to begin.

  4. Those plates are the cutest! And the linens look great in that piece -- I need one!

  5. Winter is really rough on me, because I want to buy, buy, buy to have new stuff for my booths. I've been resorting to making rounds of the local flea markets and antique malls to hopefully find stuff to resell. And stuff for my wedding!

  6. You seriously find the best stuff. Love that cake carrier and a whole box of recipes! I can't even imagine giving something like that away. Good thing you rescued it! Your linens are perfectly displayed in your new piece. Such a happy bunch of fabric!

  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got the Pyrex STAR PLATES?!?! I'm so happy for you but I'm SOOOO jealous too! Those are right at the top of my dreamlist when it comes to Pyrex. Wow, luck lady!!

    The shelf is just adorable and I don't blame you for bringing that home. You did a great job filling it up! I would love a home tour someday ;-) But that'd probably be overload and send me into a state of shock.


    ....I still can't believe you scored the star plates...

  8. I think that 043 is the only piece of Charcoal Snowflake I don't have - lucky find!!!

  9. Wow you were productive this week!

  10. Love the shelf and those Pyrex plates. I have that same recipe tin, but it didn't come with all those cool recipes. Love your finds! Those breadboxes are awesome :-)

  11. Love all your adorable finds, as usual, but seeing all your tablecloths stacked up on your new shelf makes my heart quicken. Beautiful display. Congrats on that unusual Pyrex too, you did good! :)

  12. LOVE the new shelf and the tablecloth display!!! I too have a love for cake carriers, but couldn't figure out a way to display them without having to put away other fun things-thanks for the great idea!! Great finds as usual!!! I know what you mean about needing a vintage fix and slim pickings in the winter!!

  13. I have been catching up and reading through your posts. You have collected some great finds. Love the feed sack quilt and this cabinet is perfect. I have my bread boxes on shelves, but like the way you have stacked them.

  14. saw them had to buy them 50.00 I paid was that to much??