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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi There!

Well, like most of my other New Year's Resolutions, I have failed the one where I said I was going to blog more.  I am not going to make any excuses.  Nope, it's just life.  I'm sure you can all attest to that!  But even though this chaos may be hindering my blogging abilities, it hasn't slowed me down too much from bringing home some good junk!

I am totally blaming Sarah from Makin' Projiks for my new quilt obsession.  This twin sized feedsack quilt was in perfect condition.  No mending or cleaning required!  Plus the price was in my range so off the antique mall bed and into my car it went (after I paid of course).

I wish I could have found more of the Hazel Atlas glasses in the thrift!  But I'm happy with the one I found, especially since I didn't already have it in my collection.  The bunnies and donkey napkin were from a local antique mall.

Another thrifted glass that I didn't have.

Bought these as a pair but only wanted the pink for my collection.  I guess Alex will get a vintage Bakelite meat fork for his apartment :-)

Some lucky finds on the Pyrex front too!  It is super rare for me to find something that I don't already have in a pattern that I collect so I was thrilled to find the Horizon Blue 045 with it's lid.  The aqua 401 was found at the same thrift I have found several other pieces of aqua at over the years. 

I found another juice glass to go with my Hazel Atlas star carafe.  Wonder how long it will take me to find the full set? 

And will you look at this!  Those of you who read Kim's blog, Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker, may recognize this amazing vintage Arizona souvenir tablecloth.  After commenting how I needed to find one of my own since Brian is from Arizona, she so sweetly sent me hers!  Thanks so much Kim!  It is definitely my favorite in my whole tablecloth collection.  I mean, it has cowboys and cowboy boots on it!  What's not to love?

And speaking of Arizona, the U of A basketball game is getting ready to start so I gotta go!  Hope you all are having a good week and that you are finding lots of treasures of your own.



  1. The quilt is wonderful! I'm sooo into my vintage quilts lately. I use them all the time because I love the weight of them. They just don't compare to new blankets! And I even sent a couple of mine to Donna (Donna's Lavender Nest) to fix up for me.
    That was so generous of Kim to send you the AZ table cloth! It's lovely!
    Hope I didn't pressure you into doing a blog post! Haaa! :)

  2. Great bunnies. Never seen that HA pattern before. I usually only tend to see one glass - drives me nuts.

  3. I love your quilt and am attracted to them when I see them, but I can't let myself, I just can't. Think that will work if I keep saying it? :) Love the sweet towel and the Arizona tablecloth is fabulous! What a sweet friend.

  4. That Hazel Atlas star glass is amazing! You find the bestest stuff :)

  5. I had a yellow set of kitchen ware like your pink handled fork. I was foolish and use the dishwasher on them. The handles eventually cracked. Just a warning.

  6. Thank you for doing the "any soldier", you and Maddie! Pretty quilt and fun finds.

  7. Love the quilt. I am redoing my spare room for the grandkids and I am putting a quilt on the bed if I can find one. I just recently discovered Horizon Blue and have fallen in love with it. I don't have any pieces yet, but just traded for some on Facebook and they are on the way here.

  8. Gorgeous quilt!!! YAY! I'm glad the tablecloth made it!!! I'm happy that you are happy with it and love it!!

  9. I posted a comment then had to sign in again and it disappeared...so sorry if this ends up a double!

    I ADORE that quilt! I don't blame you for snatching that up! I'd love to find more myself. I have just the one.

    How many juice glasses do you need to complete a set? I'll have to keep an eye out, unless I find the juice carafe and then I'll need my own collection ;-)

    And the Arizona tablecloth is ADORABLE.


  10. I'm thinking I need a vintage quilt for my bed. It already has a vintage chenille spread for the warm summer months.