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Friday, December 12, 2014

Tis The Season for Vintage Christmas!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Can you believe that we are a little under two weeks away from the big day?  I finally finished getting up my decorations last weekend and need to take advantage of the sunny weather to get some good pics to share with you all.  But Alex got home for his Winter break yesterday and currently it sounds like a war is going on in my living room.  Really, it's a Call of Duty marathon so I think I'll wait until it's clear.  Until then, here are some recent things I have found to add to all of my fun collections...

I love finding vintage aprons at the thrift, especially ones that are for Christmas.  The tins, snow, and tiny Santa boot were found at a local antique mall.

I just love this apron so much!

Just when I finally resorted to buying a vintage style tree skirt on Amazon, wouldn't you know that I'd find an actual vintage one.  After looking for years!!

This Pixie is GIANT.  He barely fits in the palm of my hand.

Brian, Maddie, and I went to breakfast in a neighboring town a couple of weekends ago and stumbled upon a little holiday market.  I give up on not buying Shiny Brites.  When I find them super cheap, they have to come home with me.  The Christmas card box is full of unused cards and the sweet pink deer is the first one I have ever seen with a fluffy tail!

I made a quick stop at my favorite antique mall on my way home from Plucky Maiden's a couple of weeks ago and found another squeaky Santa.  I think I have 5 now.  The Fire King mug and Swanky Swig were patterns I didn't have and the Christmas towel still has the original tags on it!

I found these cute deer at Plucky along with the Empire Blowmold Santa bank.  I had no idea that Empire made banks!

Another apron and a couple of sweet Noel angel girls rounded out my Plucky Christmas finds.  I blew my budget at Magpie Ethel's booth :-)

Maddie, Hanna, and I will be together tomorrow for a couple of shows in Portland, including Crafty Wonderland.  I love going to shows this time of year! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Holidays,



  1. Such sweet finds, love the apron and towel of course. Can't help but notice that your tablecloth stack is getting HUGE! :) Sweet Noel angel girls, love them.. A great time of year for adding those cute deer too.

    Have fun at your show!

  2. Your posts always inspire me to go trifling.... but this one... this one really makes me want to go... your finds are so cute!

  3. HAHA! The word was supposed to be "thrifting " but my surface computer keeps changing it to trifling!

  4. Ahh, that tree skirt! Is it that stiff felt or cotton? I die.

  5. I'm drooling over that tree skirt. I missed that on IG. It's swoon worthy.

  6. Oh wow! That tree skirt is perfect. Those deer I almost bought a bunch, but I couldn't justify a bag of 8 for $40!

  7. I love seeing your Christmas goodies!
    I've been seeing one of your older pics all over facebook- taken from pinterest.
    It's the one with the green metal cart loaded with Christmas items and the ceramic deer head on the bottom.

  8. That tree skirt!!! WANT.
    I'm so jealous--all the Christmas stuff around here is just dreadful.

  9. You scored some great treasures! The deers are so sweet. Fun aprons.

  10. That tree skirt is a beauty, love it!

    I have a blowmold bank too!

  11. I love your vintage collections and nice pictures:)