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Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm Back And With Some Magpie Madness!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted but unfortunately it's due to not having internet for the last 10 days, not because something super exciting is taking up my time.  Dang it!

The weekend before last, Maddie and I headed up to Portland to hit the Plucky Maidens Holiday Junk Fest.  Even though we literally had just gotten home from Portland the day before after seeing Justin Timberlake, there was no way I was going to miss this show.  I go every year and Magpie Ethel was making an appearance with all of her wonderful holiday craftiness and estate sale treasures.  I had to go!

Remember when Laurie found these awesome pillowcases in Estate Sale Land?  Now they are mine!

I just remembered that I need to hang this coloring book cover up!

A new apron and stocking for my fun collections!

Laurie had a whole army of these little Santa hat kids, all holding different things.  I had a hard tine choosing which one to get so I left it up to Maddie.  The Santa's will join my growing flock and the Christmas List box is one of my newer collections.  You didn't think I was ever going to stop collecting, did you?

And of course I couldn't leave without some one of a kind Magpie Ethel creations!

When I went to pay, I noticed that Maddie had snuck a few things into my pile.  She does that at Target too!

And can you stand all the donkey cuteness!  Made just for me by the sweetest crafter I know.  Thanks again, Laurie!

I picked up a few other things from other booths but I'll save those for another day.

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Happy Holidays!



  1. Love your many treasures. Laurie has so many wonderful things. I am especially fond of the party birds!! That stocking is adorable. Maybe you will show your collection?

  2. So much sweetness I'm on sugar overload. ;) I would love to go to that show. You have such great shows out west I might try to talk hubby into moving. Does Laurie have a blog or Etsy shop? Her creations are great!

    Hate it when internet goes, glad you are back.

  3. What great finds! Love the deer, I just found a similar glittered antler one! Blessings, Cecilia

  4. Such super fun finds! ♥

  5. Hmmmm...I wonder who that little orange Snowman is for.
    Someday I must go to Plucky! I can't believe all the cute things you found. The pillowcases are adorable!
    Erica :)

  6. Always good to see you and Maddie and thanks for supporting my little business. You went home with some of my favorite things!

  7. So jealous that you have opportunities to be with laurie in person. Love everything!!

  8. Those pillowcases - HOLY CUTENESS!

  9. Oh my goodness!!!....I feel like I could say that again! SOOO many sweet Christmasy things, I just love everything in this post! Love your new pillow cases you scored, the sweet apron, and stocking are sure to be happy with you! Cute cute!! We've been having internet issues too....not so fun! lol. Christmas hugs sweet friend! xo Holly

  10. I've never seen Christmas pillowcases!!! I LOVE them!!!!

  11. I seriously want everything you bought, like, everything. What great Christmas items. But those pillowcases are THE BEST. And I just got some kitties I really need them. I'm going to check ebay right now :)

  12. Update, found that adorable kitty fabric on ebay and my bid is placed, fingers crossed.

  13. Can't believe you found a tree skirt. Fantastic!