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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Busy day around here getting ready for Santa.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Now, take a minute and enjoy the madness that goes on at my house this time of year...

My apron collection grew quite a bit this year

Coffee station!

I always have one or two spots where I put random things that don't really go with any of my other displays.  It always seems to work!

Old jars full of bottle brush trees, cookie cutters, cupcake papers, and mercury glass garland.

My red Cosco cart full of vintage Christmas kitchen pretties.

My second favorite spot in the house this year!  Santa looks good with Jadeite, doesn't he?

My Christmas girl collection grew quite a bit this year so on this shelf are the ones in the red dresses.

Elf & pixie madness along with my small collection of vintage ornament hooks.

Not the best picture but I hung my vintage stocking collection along the dining room window again this year.

I love all my Christmas glassware and use it daily!

What? You don't have a tree in your kitchen?

Carolers and the giant Santa blowmold I thrifted.

More carolers, some angels, and my precious ceramic tree from my Grandma Gloria.

It just never ends!

 Seriously.  Never.

Santa blowmolds!

I put these vintage tree toppers in the same spot last year but mixed up the containers a little bit this year to make it different.

My creative sister nailed this chalkboard design I found on Pinterest!

This sign hung in my grandparents home every holiday for over 50 years.  I am so happy to have it in my home now.


The majority of my Magpie Madness is corralled onto these two shelves.

I was super excited to finally be able to display my vintage tape collection on the old Scotch Tape store display I found this year.

My favorite display this year.  It's a good mix of rustic and vintage, just like the rest of my house.

Another idea I found on Pinterest.  I love how it turned out.  I may just keep it up year round :-)

An overview of my Great Room. 

Vintage lights and card boxes

A couple of random blowmold friends.

And deer madness!

My main tree this year.  My kids aren't too happy with me not getting a real tree.  But I had to put up the one that I found at that garage sale in Redding last Summer.  I just had to!  You understand, right?

Gurley candles!

Santa Land!

My Snowflake collection grew enough in the last year to need it's own display!

The wreath I made a couple of years ago.

The wreath Hanna and her pregnancy hormones made last weekend.

Santa mugs and a pretty pink tinsel wreath made by Magpie Ethel!

My goal is to find all the vintage Shiny Brite boxes to stack together.  I'm well on my way!

My tins and recipe/card/list boxes took center stage on the mantle this year!

Had to borrow this one from IG.  These blowmolds are as much outside decorating that gets done around here!
Are you all still there?  Thanks for sticking around!
Have a wonderful Christmas, Friends!


  1. Drooling because we collect the same things, and so many things I saw I have! Pyrex, jadeite, shiny brights, christmas girls,the scotch tape containers even! Merry Christmas

  2. WOW...awesome Christmas treasures at your home! Loved seeing it all and gathered a few ideas!!

  3. You have the best Christmas collections! I hope you have the most wonderful holiday week! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Holy cow, I love every little thing I see. I can honestly say I have never seen a vintage scotch tape collection before, but now I want to start one! Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. This is insane! I can't believe how much your collection has grown! I love every single bit of it! OK...I'm going back now to zoom in at all the pics again! lol
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Erica!
    Erica :)

  6. Looks mighty festive and lots of collections (which you know I love). Love the little Magpie Ethel shelf of course (thank you) and all those deer! Love that "See Santa Clause in person sign" Happy day and Merry Christmas

  7. Santa + jadeite = perfection! I am absolutely blown away by your collections and you really know how to display it well. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I hope 2015 brings more additions to all of your collections!

  8. Wow! What great collections! Everything looks spectacular....love it!

  9. Holy Moly, what a collection! You have amassed a fabulous collection of vintage Christmas! Thanks for sharing your insanity. Going to have a second look. ;)
    It would take me until Easter to get that all put away, lol.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Oh my goodness! I feel a new collection coming on!

  11. Wow oh wow! Ah-mazing Christmas displays, Erica. :-)

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  13. OK Erica....now I know why I cannot find any vintage kitschy Christmas....you own it ALL! lol...OMG....where do you keep all of this?????
    Wonderful display work! I am just amazed at how much you have....you really have an eye for Christmas Kitsch! :) Hope your Christmas was merry....:)

  14. every thing I seen was wonderful thank you for shareing

  15. You are a collector, indeed!! Your displays are just great, creative and whimsical.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures and hope you find more next year.

  16. I think we may be related? Your collections are fantastic! I so love seeing other peoples collections, especially vintage Christmas. Well done!

  17. So much Christmas I LOVE IT!!!! We have the same Santa blow mold cookie jar, we keep cocoa packets in ours! All of your color coordinated carts are terrific. (The red one is absolutely fabulous!) and I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses light up blow molds as part if our indoor decorating.
    Merry late, late, Christmas and Happy New Year!

  18. You seriously do a fantastic job on staging and displays. The fireplace is absolutely dreamy.


  19. Stupid question but what are the glass jars in your kitchen that have the beads and trees in them called?

  20. Oh. My. Word. Your decorations are amazing! I thought I had a lot, but nothing compared to yours! Thanks for sharing it all!

  21. Just found your blog and I love it all (my craziness is vintage Christmas, made-in-Japan kitsch and Pyrex). Even though Christmas is over (for most people), I just shared this post on my FB page. You can find it here...

  22. Very cool, indeed. Where do you store all of that stuff the rest of the year?

  23. WOW - I love your displays! I collect a lot of the same - but you nailed it - you have a great collection. So much fun to look and see what you have. I can't wait to browse your Pinterest sight!

  24. This was wonderful. Christmas collecting is on my year round hunting list. Mine started with vintage ornaments, expanded to putz houses, elves & pixies, stockings, santas.....but you have me beat by a country mile! Is there anything more exciting than stumbling on a coveted item or discovering a new item to collect? Thanks for sharing this!

  25. WOW-- so happy i stumbled along your blog. Do you ever sell anything you post?? (please say yes) haha!!

  26. WHAT THE HECK!!! i love your stuff weird thing is i have all those collections and style for christmas <3 it1!!!