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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy November!

Hi, Everyone!

Can you believe that it is November already?  I am already feeling the stress of the holiday season.  First thing yesterday morning, my Halloween decorations got packed away & out came the Thanksgiving ones.  Do you all have any idea how hard it is to locate vintage Thanksgiving?  I don't think that it's because it's rare like Halloween but that they just didn't make a whole heck of a lot of it.  My collection is small but I love it.  We still have a few weeks until the actual holiday so I will hold off sharing my displays until then.

Although the sale season is coming to an end, there are still one or two popping up every weekend.  I haven't found a whole lot, but enough that I still have something to blog about! 

I found this sweet donkey salt & pepper shaker a while back.  Have I already shown him to you?  I love him!  Thank goodness he survived what I like to call the Great Donkey Slaughter of 2013.  Alex was messing around the other day and knocked over a shelf that had 4 of my sweet donkeys on it and broke EVERY SINGLE ONE.  I don't know who was closer to tears, him or I.  Not to worry though.  They are upstairs in the Donkey ICU after their emergency E6000 glue surgeries.  I think they are going to make it!

More of the lucky ones

I think I've mentioned before that I collect kissing salt & pepper sets.  I don't find them very often but when I do, they usually come home with me.  I've even bought orphan ones hoping to find their partner (or would you rather I say mate, Sister?).  Right now, I have a cowgirl smooching with a Dutch boy.  Love sees no color in this house!

Not only do I collect vintage jewelry, I actually wear it!

There is a lady at the flea market who is not very well liked by the other jewelry collectors/dealers in my area.  She goes into estates and buys everything, whether it's old or not.  She is even known to sleep in her car the night before the sale starts (every time, Golden Egg Erica, not just once so you are ok!).  Anyways, she then proceeds to literally dump everything on a table at the flea market and prices every piece for $2.00.  It takes some digging but I found all of the necklaces from her the last time she was at the flea.  I have even found a sterling silver and aquamarine ring from her for 2 bucks!

I haven't bought any old plates in a long time.  I have picked up enough over the years to switch out my Fiesta dishes with them which was ultimately my goal. However, I just don't think that my family would adjust too well with taking away their dishes.  Plus, am I really going to hand wash these every day?  So for now, I just bring them out when we have parties or when Sister is here which is always a party!

More plates, including a stack of Pyrex Blue Autumn Laurel plates.

Now if I could find more of these, I would have no issues switching out my Fiestaware for them! 

I hope you all have some fun plans for this weekend.  I think I may actually have Brian talked into going to a couple of antique stores in our Antique District.  Evidently, there are some sales going on and I have some things on my Christmas list that I need to mark off if SOMEONE (ahem, Hanna) would update her Pyrex I Need list!

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  1. I love the old plates but find myself using my vintage Fiesta plates more then the others. Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds with us at TTF. Love the kissing S&P's!

  2. Fun finds! Those little s&p sets are adorable.

  3. Love that multi strand necklace! Great finds as always.

  4. It is hard to find vintage Thanksgiving! I have a set of Gurley pilgrims, a turkey paper boarder, and some post cards. That's it. Love the plates!

  5. The great donkey slaughter huh? YIKES! Thanksgiving is hard to find. I have some...well a decent amount..but I tend to hoard stuff you know. On the look out for kissing salt and peppers now!

  6. I'm in love with the necklaces xx

  7. Love those plates and the kissing S&P shakers! ~~Pam

  8. I love, love, love the necklaces.

  9. Oh I love the baubles! So pretty. I'm in need of a few more of those Pyrex plates too. I'd love to have a full set! I think I have 3 of the blue and 1 gray.


  10. Haa! If I ever even consider sleeping overnight in my car for an estate sale again, just slap me across the face! How does that jewelry lady make any money?? So weird!
    That's very sad about the mass killing of the donkeys! I have a feeling that Alex is going to remember that incident forever! It's like this time when I was about 13, and my Mom and I were in my room trying to hang a shelf. And I remember that we were both crabby that day. And the shelf came crashing down, and my darling little music box that she had bought me (a couple of little mice that played Somewhere Over The Rainbow) shattered! We both just sat on the floor and cried! I'll never forget it. And I still have the pieced together music box!
    I can't wait to see your Thanksgiving decorations! I don't have a single piece. I'm not letting myself go there! Erica :)

  11. Oh I can't wait to see vintage Thanksgiving. Mine consists of three postcards and one old turkey candle holder that was my moms. Love them, but never find more. I have plenty of Thanksgiving décor just not much old. Love your finds! My fav are the Pyrex plates. Thanks so much for sharing with SYC.

  12. Sorry to hear about the poor donkeys! They ones you showed us are adorable. Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. I never see a vintage donkey and I have been looking!! I hope your poor little donkeys survive the fall and are back in position real soon!

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  15. Hope the donkeys survive the ICU. One time my BF accidentally threw one of my vintage (extremely hard to find) martini glasses down the garbage chute (49 floors!) & all hell broke lose. A couple weeks later one accidentally fell out of the cupboard when he was doing the dishes. We almost broke up.

    Kissing shakers are adorable, but the only set I have added to my collection are vintage kissing geisha girls.

  16. Those donkeys are adorable!
    My new kitten recently did a kamikaze jump onto a shelf with some of my vintage collectibles and broke a couple of things. Now I have to put things up higher, I guess :)
    I have an entire set of those "Boutonniere" plates (the ones with the blue flowers) and the teacups that go with it, and they were all found in a dumpster by my sister in law! Crazy what people throw away...

  17. I had no idea that those bowls were made in blue too. I have them in red, and I eat my cereal out of them every day! Love your vintage jewelry. So much prettier than anything they make now!

  18. Great finds! I featured this post today on the TTG FB page. I hope you will stop and like the page if you haven't already! Thanks again for sharing at TTF.

  19. I really am sorry about your donkeys, but I couldn't help but laugh after the way you wrote about it! I hope they all make a speedy recovery. The one pictured here at top is really awesome, great colors. LOVE all the plates, all that aqua and turquoise, ahhhh. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  20. The burrows are sooooooo adorable! Hugs and thanks for sharing!