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Monday, November 11, 2013


Good Morning, Blog Friends!

After reading the title of this post, you may find yourself asking what it is that I am recovering from.  Well, a long Sister weekend of course!  Brian ended up not being able to go to Astoria with me because Alex's deer tag was for this weekend, not next like we all thought.  We had lots of people offer to take Alex hunting but Brian wanted to be with him when he shot his first deer (which he did!).  I couldn't argue with that!  So off to Astoria I went on my own. 

Hanna, Matt & I had an awesome weekend.  Got a little wild Friday night (borrowed someone's dog, argued with a lady over which basketball game to watch in the bar, etc...).  You're not surprised, right?  So we (mostly I) spent most of the day Saturday licking our wounds.  But not to worry!  We got lots of thrifting and antiquing in.  You should see my bedroom.  It looks like an explosion at an antique mall/thrift store.  It's awesome!

But until I get that disaster cleaned up, I do have some finds to show you all to hold you over.

I've told myself that I am not going to get real wild with the Thanksgiving decorations around here, but everyone needs more Gurley candles, right?

Some more vintage pinks for my kitchen.  I am in love with this sweet bird spoon rest.  I have it displayed with some of my shakers above my stove.  You didn't think I was really going to use it, did you?  I have some of the Fire King Swirl bowls in white & jadeite but have never found anything in pink.  I'm assuming this sugar bowl had a lid at some point?

Just in time for the holidays!  I have so many of these I display them in a giant old jar on my counter.  However, these aren't for display only.  Maddie makes some mean Christmas cookies!

50% off Halloween in one of my favorite antique mall booths.  The Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins are reproductions and light up.  The lone trick or treat bag is my first and the crepe paper garland was only a dollar for both strands. 

I love it when a new vendor moves into the antique mall, especially when they have vintage tablecloths under $10 apiece! 

I got a little wild and bought all she had.  They went straight into my stash.  No washing or ironing required! 

I haven't found any Pyrex at the thrifts in a while so I had to buy these, especially because they had the 50% off color tag.  The Butterprint is a duplicate for me and the Snowflake Garland is not a pattern I normally collect but figured it will be a good piece to have for the holidays.

The dog we "borrowed", my new friend Marshal Mathers.  Look at that smile!

Sister Love.  Aren't we so cute?

Feel free to follow Hanna on her Instagram.  I promise she doesn't post anything too inappropriate.  She is a teacher after all!  She almost has me talked into starting my own Instagram.  I will let you all know if that happens.

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  1. I have never seen the Indian Gurleys. So cute! Glad you had fun with your sister :) Something to be thankful for! Stacey

  2. No way, I didn't know they made Indian ones! Glad you had a blast on your weekend. Hope you gave the dog back!

  3. Your posts crack me up! Borrowed a dog? Don't think I even want to know, LOL! Watch those bar fights though, could be dangerous! ;-)

    Love your new treasures, as always. Ah....more tablecloths, lucky girl! They are so addicting, aren't they? Love your sweet spoon rest too!


  4. So glad you guys had a great time! Nothing compares to the trouble, err fun, caused with siblings! Your thanksgiving candles are super cool. I'm hoping to find some too.
    You have to start an instagram! Peer pressure!

  5. Looks like fun! Thrusting and bar fights, what more could you ask for?!

  6. OH MY GOSH! THRIFTING, THRIFTING and bar fights!!!! Damn auto correct.... Haha

  7. Maybe you should have brought your borrowed dog with you to the bar.... Just sayin'... ;-)
    I love the Gurley Candles and the cookie cutters and the pretty tablecloths!! And those pyrex pieces would be perfect in my kitchen.

  8. Glad you two had a good weekend together. I have a ton of Thanksgiving candles but somehow I have no Indians..only pilgrims!

  9. Looks like you had a great time! Who could pass up those tablecloths??? WOW!

  10. OK first I have to tell you to high-tail it over to Pam's at Virginia Retro and look at her Squirrel cookie jar!
    I swear that "The Pyrex Thrifter Sisters and Their Sidekick Maddie" should have one just like it! Go see!
    Now I'm going to scroll up and read this post.....

  11. You girls look so much alike in that pic! So cute!
    I still need that Butterprint. Assuming it's the 442?? I can't find that darn thing! The Indian Gurley's are adorable...and so is Marshal Mathers! Sounds like it was a great weekend with sister!
    Erica :)

  12. You had me with that gorgeous tablecloth! I'm very excited that my new table will go small enough to use some of my vintage pieces that were too small for my old table. Great post!

  13. So many memories of things I grew up with!

  14. Gasp! Did you say vintage tablecloths for $10??? You are one lucky girl!!!! Glad you had some fun sister time!

  15. Those table clothes are lovely.
    And what can I say a Pyrex find and purchase is always a good day.

  16. Cute candles. Love that FK pink dish, I don't know about a lid but I would imagine so. Great Pyrex, I never see Snowflake Blue around here. Thanks for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up! So glad to have your posts each week! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  17. Fun finds! I love vintage Pyrex, I really need to add some to my kitchen. Looks like a fun time!

  18. You two ARE very cute! And you have great taste in vintage!

  19. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  20. I am so far behind on reading posts this week, here it is Thursday and I'm just reading this!!! I have come to the conclusion that Gurley candles were way more popular in the US than Canada, I never see them!! I was so desperate last year I ordered a couple from Ebay. Hah!!!
    I will definitely follow dear sister - you better get on board too! It's addicting!!!

  21. More Pyrex! I want to move out there, you've got some almost every week. Seems so plentiful! Finally found a piece yesterday in a thrift, only thrift find in a month... of any sort!

    Glad you guys had fun!

  22. YAY...you found pyrex!!!! The picture is fabulous...you are both adorable...but the borrowed dog...I don't think I would have given him back : ) LOL!!! hugs and hope to see you tomorrow! : )

  23. Loving your Vintage Tablecloth 'Scores'!!! And what a great Deal, under Ten Bucks each! The Man claims I have every Vintage Tablecloth Print known to man... it is the one Collection {ie: Hoard of any one thing that Normal people wouldn't have that many of...} that I just cannot bring myself to Flip even tho' I now have a totally Insane amount of them! I mean... each one is DIFFERENT and therefore Unique, right? *LOL* I have however parted with most of my Vintage Pyrex... I'm down to just a few Pink pieces and the Nesting Colored Mixing Bowl set. There's just something about a Retro Kitchen that just seems so Inviting.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian