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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Pickings From Last Weekend

Happy Friday, Hanna here!  I had so much fun with Erica last weekend between the thrifting and antique finds, to the lazy trash tv and wine in bed (just wine for me, Erica wasn't quite up to partaking two nights in a row.)  I got a very excited phone call from Erica on her way up Friday exclaiming that Yankee Traders was open!  I've been there one other time where I found my creepy pixie shakers, you can read about them here.  Yankee Trader can have some funky hours but is totally worth the trip if you  are on the North Oregon Coast.  It is right off 101 between Seaside and Gearhart and the owner has an AMAZING collection.  They are open May-December and then she closes to completely rearrange the store.  This place is jam packed with treasures that I know all of you would love.

If you are a reader, you are aware I have an affinity for deer.  They just need to come home with me!  Well, I was browsing the store and happened to peak out a window to see a cement deer sitting outside.  When I asked the owner about the deer she explained it had been her mother's.  She was so sweet and offered it to me, but I wasn't quite sure (I'm the person that fills her cart and puts everything back.)  I told her I would take a look at her when I was loading up Erica's treasures and decide.  She wasn't going to be at her store the next day but said I could come by and just take the deer and come pay later. What a sweet and trustworthy lady, right?  Well when I locked eyes with this sassy little bambi, my heart stopped.  She had to be mine.  I ran back inside and paid right away.  Now she has a home with my other 2 and I can officially say I have a cement deer collection!
 Isn't she sweet!?!
Some of you may be wondering what all my deer are doing in the house.  Well, I live in the rainiest place in the state and I just decided they will have longer lives if they come in for the winter.  They sit in front of my fireplace right now but I'm going to have to find them another spot because every morning when I come down stairs they scare the crap out of me!

Erica also bought me a few little gifts:
Weird, another deer!  The Ovaltine tin is because A) our Dad loved Ovaltine and B) orange is my favorite color.  Thanks Sisterita!

I also thrifted a few Christmas treats.
Who knew that orange Shiny Brites existed!  The Santa on the candy tin is on the loose.  I bought the small box of ornaments because the graphics were so great.  The knee hugger was another gift from Erica.  I was telling her last week I didn't own a single knee hugger and that I really needed one.  I really do have the best Sister.
Here's a nice close-up of my new little friend.

There was one tragedy last weekend.  One of my sweet neighbors was moving into a retirement living facility after living in her home for 30 plus years.  When I spoke to her last week she seemed upbeat and ready for a change, so I was happy for her.  Her son was having a sale for her Saturday morning. The tragedy was that only one Sister was able to get herself to the sale.  It was probably for the best, Erica always gets the good stuff when we go to sales together.  I had been praying since I heard my neighbor was moving that her house was bursting with Pyrex.  Well, it wasn't bursting, but the 2 pieces she had did come home with me.
 I felt so lucky to find a piece of Christmas Pyrex this time of year, let alone with its original lid and a cradle!
 This is my only pink 043, I can't decide if I will keep it.
I'm a sucker for cameras, and this Kodak Tourist II doesn't even look like it was ever used.  I also bought a hat box and all for $10, not bad, right?

Well, thats all for me!  Matt and I are off to take Miss Piper truffle hunting in this beautiful Oregon weather tomorrow, so wish us luck!

Always a Pleasure,


  1. Your deer are quite spoiled.,,mine sit out all year in the Oregon rain (altho you do have that coastal rain). Love the orange shiny brites. I don't find them super often and have a stash of them which I use at Halloween. Lucky girl!

  2. That's so funny that the deer that you placed in the room your-own-self scare you every morning!
    The same thing happens to me whenever I let the kids keep helium balloons overnight (say, after a party or a banquet), and the balloons hang out up by the ceiling waiting for me to get up and come downstairs in the morning.
    Love your Golden Poinsettia Pyrex find!

  3. Those deer would probably scare the crap out of me too! They're just so dang cute though.
    Orange Shiny Brites...SHUT UP!!! I've never seen them in that color before. Lucky!!!
    Yay for your Pyrex finds! That Golden Poinsettia is such a pain to find in nice shape. Everyone I've ever seen has part of the design worn off.

  4. Great time of year to find the Golden Poinsettia. I love the golden knee hugger. I want to make a knee hugger calender. I probably won't, but I would love to.

  5. Hi! I just found your blog a month ago and I check in on it at least once a week. You've renewed my interest in Pyrex. I use to collect it about 7 or 8 years ago, but stopped when I couldn't find it so easily in the antique stores. Your blogs are interesting. I love those deer! I would of bought it too!

  6. I can see why the deer would scare you when you come down the stairs. They're adorable though. Glad you're keeping them safe indoors!

  7. How did you take all of that home for $10? Amazing! Guess you got the "good neighbor" deal! :)

    Christmas Pyrex in the cradle is an amazing buy, and love your sweet deer too.

  8. I'd kill for some great Pyrex and vintage cameras right now... those are the biggest sellers in my booth!

  9. Orange shiny brights?!?!? How wild! That's Christmas promo casserole with its lid and cradle is FANTSTIC! Perhaps you can get film for your new Kodac?! And sassy deer, I think I like you best of all!

  10. LOVE your deer collection!!! I only have two, so I guess it's not officially a collection yet, but I'm always on the lookout for more. Love those orange Shiny Brites too. I've never seen any before and didn't even know they existed!