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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Super Exciting!

Hi Everyone! 

There is a large, single owner antique store in my town that I don't frequent very often.  They mostly carry furniture and new but made to look old primitives.  They even came to my estate sale last fall and bought a ton of newer stuff to sell in their store.  They are really nice people but just don't sell the type of smalls and vintage that I like to look for.  Recently, they ventured out and decided to open an estate sale company.  They hold the sales in an office space that they purchased behind their store.  So when you walk in, there is the large reception area and then lots of little "offices" that they organize like you would see in an actual estate sale held in a house. 

So their first sale was last Friday and surprisingly, there weren't a whole lot of people there.  I did see a couple of my dealer friends and my aunt was there too but I really expected to see a line of 40-50 people that accompany every single estate sale in this town.  I think that people were discouraged by the fact that it was being run by an antique store owner so they thought the prices would be really high.  They couldn't have been more wrong.

Normally, I don't really talk about the pricing of items I buy unless I got a really good deal on something that would usually go for a lot more elsewhere.  However, the prices at this sale were so incredible that I just have to share.

Like the pink cradle I bought a few weeks ago, I have no idea what in the world I am going to do with this tin doll highchair.  But it's my favorite shade of blue and has the remnants of the cutest decal on it and for $2 there was no way I wasn't buying it.

Brian loves old soda collectibles like crates and coolers.  I knew he would love this Pepsi bottle carrier but it didn't have a price on it.  When I asked, the guy said "We just sold one in the store for $40.00.  How about $5?".  I love how they realize that estate sales aren't retail stores!  The shortening bucket is for my 4th of July decorations next year and set me back a whole dollar.

I never pass up old jars, especially when they are only $2 each.  You never know when you may need to slap an old decal on one and make a new canister.

Since this was the first sale this company had put on, nobody really knew how the layout worked.  I had been inside the sale for about 5 minutes when I walked by one room and spotted a Pyrex Primary refrigerator set ($20 with lids included).  I had to be the first person to walk into this room full of vintage kitchen because there is no way that any of the dealers who I know pick up Pyrex would have passed up this

Saxony/Tree of Life #475 for, are you ready?  $5 with the lid!!  Can you believe it?  I have wanted this piece forever but have never seen it in person.  I have almost bought it online a few times but came to my senses.  I was super jealous when Hanna bought one on eBay a while back but knew I would find one eventually.  Either that or Sister's would go missing the next time I visited.

I also picked up something for Hanna but I will let her share that with you.  I did a really good job and left a lot of Pyrex even though the prices were amazing.  It's my way of paying it forward to all the other collectors out there :-)

I heard a lot of people grumbling about the prices on the larger items like furniture and tools and truth be told, I didn't even look at any of it.  All I know is that the prices on the smalls and things I love were dirt cheap.  You can bet I will be at their next sale!

Brian, the kids, and I are off to see Jason Aldean & Jake Owen tonight in Vancouver.  It's been a busy Summer of concerts and this is the last one for a while.  I can't wait!

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  1. You did very well with your finds. They are all nice pieces and worth whatever you paid.

  2. What a piece to find for $5!!!!

    I had a tin doll high chair, it's red, it's still in the attic at "home"

  3. At prices like that for the Pyrex, I probably would've bought it all!

  4. The pepsi carrier and the lard bucket is gorgeous!!!!!

  5. Congrats on your sweet Pyrex Saxony score—and for a thrifting day that exceeded your expectations.

  6. Wow! That is exciting! i enjoy knowing the prices because part of the thrill for me is getting the deal. I love your fabulous finds!

  7. HOLD on...you got that chair for $2?! That is SO cute and an amazing price. AND the Saxony Pyrex? That's on my list of top 5 Pyrex dishes to find--lucky you!! Double score on both of those :)

    Heather @ www.larkandlola.com

  8. Well, I'm super happy for you that you found all these great things for such amazing prices, and now you've got a good resource for cheap smalls! But right now I have to say that I'm soooo jealous that you're going to that concert tonight! That will be such a good one! Have a blast!
    Erica :)
    ps Keith Urban is my favorite! I've seen him several times and last time he had Jake Owen with him. We had 2nd row center! The "view" was quite good! Haa!

  9. Love the high chair! Congrats on affordable finds.

    Have fun at the concert. ♥

  10. Hi
    I thought that I commented on this earlier. It must not of went through!
    Anyway, I am shocked that they had the prices so low. I don't think I have ever been to an estate sale with low prices! You are so fortunate!

    That high chair is adorable!
    I hope you are enjoying the concert!


  11. I would have kept hush hush about this in my area as long as I could. I get the feeling a dealer or two reads my blog. I have begun to like Saxony. I saw it at an antique market once and my BF told me to get it, but I said it was ugly.

  12. Great finds! The doll chair is just a cutie petutie!

  13. I always love hearing about great finds and seeing the 'goods'. Visiting from SYC. Have a Blessed Week!

  14. Wow, I can't get over your deals! There's a professional estate sale co. in my area that prices everything through the roof - usually HIGHER than an antique store would be. Sounds like you've got a good thing, there. This post would be perfect for my new link party that starts tomorrow, Oct. 1, called We Call It Olde - anything antique or vintage. I hope you'll link up! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  15. Oh wow, those are some great prices! Love the soda crate. I got a shortening can similar to that from my sis. Hope you had a great time at the concert! Thanks for sharing with SYC.