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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well....almost.  Madelyn started her first regular day of middle school today and is gone from 7:45 in the morning until I pick her up at 3:00.  I seriously feel like I am missing a limb!  Alex started his senior year this morning.  He has most of the credits he needs to graduate and could be done with school a semester early but since he plays basketball, he is required to take 5 classes per semester.  Plus, our school district has this really crazy A & B schedule so 1 day a week he goes to school for all his classes, two days a week he goes for two classes, and the other two days a week he goes for 3 classes.  So, I'm not home by myself all day like I used to be.  At least he has a car!

Despite last weekend being a holiday weekend, I was able to hit a few good sales.  I didn't find a ton of stuff but definitely enough to get a little fix.

I found Maddie some books for a quarter apiece. 

I actually found these tablecloths a while back and can't remember if I've shared them with you yet or not.  They are perfect for fall!

I don't know what I like best....the vintage cards or the boxes that hold them.

This planter is super heavy and just waiting to be filled with fall flowers!

It's been quite some time since I have found any old cooking pamphlets.  The Bisquick one is already a favorite around here.

I bought this tray at the same sale as the tablecloths.  I don't think I've shared it either.

I am going to pain the mail box and add a cute vintage decal to it and hang it in my laundry room.  The tray is small and just sitting with a stack of other trays right now awaiting inspiration.

 I told you all recently that we are redoing Maddie's room.  So we packed away all of her American Girl dolls and accessories so it's a little late for this sweet cradle.  Plus, I don't think I can use it for a real baby so it will just have to look cute for now. 

And obviously my favorite find would have to be the Pink Butterprint casserole!  It has a super tiny chip on the rim but you didn't really think I was going to leave it behind, did you?

In the original set of these, there is a 471, 472, & 473.  I have three of the largest and one middle sized (I know, stop bragging!).  Wonder if I will ever find the smallest one?

Maddie & I have a couple of fun events coming up. Tonight is the Glory Days Antiques Fall Harvest Party.  The store is closed all day so that the vendors can Fall-ify their booths.  I always get so much inspiration (plus they serve refreshments so it's a win win for everyone!)  Then this weekend is the annual Coburg Antique & Vintage Fair.  Sister can't make it down this year so it will just be me and my sidekick Maddie.  She is on the hunt for stuff for her room makeover and I am hoping to pick up a couple throw rugs.  We are tearing out all of the carpet in our house and putting down hardwood so I need something to help with the echoing!  If this year is anything like last year, I will be making several drop-off trips to my car!

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  1. Your weekend turned out nicely for more reasons than one. Great vintage finds.

  2. Wow!! So many cute treasures!!! I especially love that pink tray!! Have fun at Glory Days!

  3. Wow oh wow on that pink Butterprint! I have never seen a single piece in the wild. Good luck finding the 471. I would love to find that set. Fingers crossed for us both!

    You always find the most amazing cards & other paper ephemera. I don't think that people in my neck of the woods have much appreciation for it. I always fear that the thrifts just throw it all away. I only ever see it in small church thrifts. It's not even in the antique stores really.

    Lovely finds!

  4. I have never seen Pink Butterprint! Hopefully you will complete your set! Your events sound like a fun and I am sure you and Maddie will enjoy!


  5. You went to a very productive sale for sure. I have that same Bisquick cookbook and the pineapple upsidedown cake is so yummy!! Have fun at your fall events.

  6. Love the Trays...I'm afraid to say I'm addicted to trays!

  7. Of course I love the tablecloths, but I really love those sweet card boxes. Nice finds, and sounds like you and Maddie are going to have fun "hunting" this week end.

  8. Holy crap on a cracker! You just found that pink butterprint in the wild?! That's amazing! I had a dream the other night I found a full set of those for $1.00! Then I woke up all sad because it was only a dream.
    I love trays. Always something cool to be done with those.

  9. I just bet the cards are cute! I seem tomhave quite a few myself, I haven't done anything with them yet and don't really know what I'll be doing!!

    I think I can only dream of ever finding a pink Butterprint! Nice!!

  10. I'm drooling over the cards! THe cradle and the pink tray would be perfect for Pink Saturday! So glad to find you at SYC. Always a fun read.

  11. Awesome finds! Loving the table cloths!

  12. The boxes are nice. I bought a set of salt & pep shakers today mainly for the box, it's a pretty nice display. The shakers themselves are OK. Jealous on the pink! I have the 473, saw the 471, but it was dishwashered! BUMMER... & $25. Whenever I see a vintage linen in a shop, I think of you, haha. Well, just tablecloths.

  13. I'm in love with the pink tray! My favorite posts are the posts where people show what they bought second hand. It's so interesting to see what they chose. I love to thrift!

  14. Oooooooh! what great finds!!
    My favorite is the card boxes! I LOVE them! So jealous!
    I have been collecting vintage card boxes and greeting cards for years. They are so pretty and the art work is fabulous. There will never be any as wonderful as the old ones.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. luv the saving tray; have a nice Saturday

    much love...

  16. You found some really cute stuff!

  17. I could see that cradle with some flowers in it or maybe you could fill it with children's books? Whatever you end up doing with it, it is a super cute find. Have fun with all your free time now!

  18. Hi Erica, I agree that the card boxes are as sweet as the cards. Love the trays! I am collecting the butterprint in the aqua shade. Wish I had as many as you have. Great collection! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. I love the pink cradle. I would have bought that too! Awesome find with the pink butterprint!

  20. Oh how I'd love to have some pink Butterprint!! You are so lucky and you have such a great eye, Erica! Everything you find I LOVE. Everything!

    I have a couple of boxes of stationery just like that. And the tablecloths! I LOVE the colors. Great eye! ;-)
    Heather @ www.larkandlola.com

  21. Major gorgeous scores as always!!! : ) Hugs and TFS!