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Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's True What They Say.....

A few weeks ago, I got up too late on Sunday morning to get into the flea market early.  I ended up going in at the general admission time and boy was I disappointed!  I bought NOTHING.  Everything had definitely already been picked over by the dealers and early risers.  Plus I was a little frustrated (okay, a lot frustrated) at the prices.  A lot of the things that I would buy were horrendously overpriced.  I'm talking higher than antique mall prices.  Plus, a few of the booths even had eBay print outs on what items were listed for.  Do they not understand that you can list your item for any price?  It's what it SELLS for that matters!
But with the estate sale season still in hibernation and the thrift stores being bare, beggars can't be choosers!  The flea market is the only place that I really have going this time of year.  So last Sunday you can bet that my alarm clock was set and I was in line with the rest of the early birds.  It's true what they say, blog friends.  He really does catch the worm.
I found these vintage boxes of birthday candles and the little mouse in a quarter box.  Instant collection!  Thanks, Laurie for making me think that I have to collect everything with cute graphics! 
Lot's of button out of another vendors quarter box.  See, that is what flea markets are all about!  Amazing vintage items in quarter boxes!!
I am pretty sure that this isn't Bakelite but for 50 cents it was worth the risk.
Old tinsel garland for crafting.  I'm going to try my hand at a tinsel wreath next Christmas.
Not old but definitely worth a dollar.
I walked by this Wilendur tablecloth about four times telling myself that if it was still there when I was leaving, I would buy it.  It was very reasonably priced and in perfect condition so I was surprised that nobody else picked it up.  It has been awhile since I have found any linens.  I was happy to bring this home with me!
There are a couple of booths that have stacks and stacks of old children's books.  I usually save these booths for last so that I have the time to go through them. The Miss Christmas and Santa is a coloring book that has never been used.  I need to figure out the best way to display it during the holidays.  Isn't the cover the cutest thing ever?  Maddie didn't make it to the flea market with me this time.  Poor little thing is going through a major growth spurt so she is sleeping in until 9:30-10:00 on no school mornings!  She was thrilled that I brought her something home.
There were actually two of these little corner shelves.  The lady was very insistent that I buy both of them even if the other one was severely damaged.  It was missing an entire side and one of the shelves and she wanted to charge me the same price as for this one!  No thank you.  I only brought home one.  Initially, I bought it for Maddie's room, but now that I look around my room and bathroom, there are a couple of places it would look cute in there.  I may have a fight on my hands!
So with it being the last flea before Valentines Day, you would think that there would be lots of Valentines to be had, right?  Wrong!  Not only were there hardly any, the ones that I did find were at asinine prices.  However, as I was digging around through the books in the booth where I found the Santa girl coloring book, I found two Ziploc bags full  of these
50 vintage Valentines.  She sold them all to me for $10.00.  Do the math, people.  That's 20 cents APIECE!!!  You just gotta be willing to dig, and luckily I am.
The only other Valentine that I picked up was this one
The lady told me that it was from the 40's and the reason she knew that was because she used to receive similar cards when she was in elementary school in the 40's.  Can you believe how huge it is?  Thanks to Miss Maddie, my display girl.
Despite the fact that I didn't find any Pyrex or other kitchenware, this has to be one of the best markets that I have been to all season.  Plus I even picked up a few prizes for Sister but I will let her share those with you when she gets them. You can bet that I will be at the flea market bright and early next weekend.
Here is a little puppy update for you to enjoy.....
The photo on the left I showed you all a couple of weeks ago.  He was 8 weeks old.  The photo on the right is at 10 weeks.  Isn't it amazing how fast they grow?  He is getting so handsome and much less baby looking.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm heading over to the following blogs to party:
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See you there!


  1. Well the early bird does find the prizes! You got some great items! Love the Valentines!
    hugs, Linda

  2. All kinds of lovely finds! I especially LOVE the tablecloth and the Valentines!! Pickin's are slim here as well, but your post gives me hope that vintage goodies are just around the corner!

  3. It's true that you have to get to the flea market early. We try to get there early so we can get to church on time. If we wait until afterwards, the things that are left are the things priced too high.
    The bag of valentines are great.
    That tablecloth was meant just for you, since it was still there!
    Your puppyish adorable.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I'm super happy for you but also soooooooo jealous right now! lol Our flea markets don't open up again until May 1st and they've been closed since Sept. Living in MN really messes things up for that! OK- these vendors that bring Ebay print outs...whatever!!!! It's called a FLEA MARKET! Don't they realize that if you wanted to pay those prices you would have stayed in your pjs, at home on your computer, clicked BUY NOW, and have something cute sent directly to your house????
    You got such good things! I LOVE Little Miss Christmas!

  5. Adorable Valentines! And that shelf is really pretty.
    Nice progression picture of the puppy - you'll have to take another one at 12 weeks.

  6. Wow! I love all the Valentine's! I agree with you on prices...I'm seeing that everywhere. Another one of the little independent thrifts I loved because it was so reasonably prices has joined the over priced crowd. They had a Pyrex 1 1/2 quart casserole with lid in the Verde for $17! Nuts. I'm glad you found some stuff. Our area Flea doesn't open until spring...can't wait!

  7. Those Valentine's cards: just lovely! And a great price!

  8. Early bird does get the worm! Great find on the birthday candles and the Valentine cards..nothing better than coming home with treasures!

  9. Everything you found is so, so nice but I was taken with The Little Ballerina Book, I have that on a Pinterest board, it looks so cute!!

  10. Love all your stuff ---- thanks for the update on the baby too! I love to see what people are buying at flea markets and estate sales, so it is fun to read great blogs like yours letting us see what you bought. Hope you have many more great fleas like this one in 2013. I am lucky - we have estate sales weekly in the Dallas area. I bought 8 items for $8.75 today because it was 1/2 price - white scallop edged buffalo china plates, an old jar, an old white cup/saucer wall pocket, & pink pottery custard cup among them. That was a fix for me this week. Mary %^D

  11. Every time you post your finds, I want to hop on a plane and fly out to go shopping with you! I live about 10 minutes from our local flea market. It is 200,000 square feet with over 600 vendors....inside and outside. And I never think to go there! Thanks for the idea.

  12. He's growing so fast! It's amazing at that age, you can almost see it happening before your eyes.

    Here's a helpful page I stumbled upon recently about Bakelite: http://www.vavoomvintageblog.com/2012/03/how-to-identify-bakelite.html#

    I looooooove Bakelite and can be a little obsessive about investigating all the bangles every time I go to thrift stores. I just know I'll find one for 50 cents someday! Either way, the bracelet you found is cute and definitely has the Bakelite look!

  13. I would of bought all the same things! Great buy on the Valentines. Love your pup, I have a german shepard too.

  14. Oh you're so lucky to have a flea market AND estate sales in your area! Those buttons were a steal! You can't buy them new for a quarter- that's for sure!

    That Miss Christmas book is so cute! I'd love to see some inside pages.

    Do you mind if I ask how much your table cloth was? I have the cherry and strawberry ones and i just love them. I paid $7.00 a piece for mine and I was told that was a good price. (I thought so, too.)

    My deal of the week last week was a .99 pink flamingo Pyrex cake pan at the thrifts (sorry- the number escapes me!) but it's more of a salmon color than pink. I find no record of a salmon/peachy colored one made. Maybe someone put it through the dish washer? Would you girls know?

    Tell Maddie I said, sweet dreams. Ha-ha!

  15. Hahaha! You totally got the worm! And such great prices, that's awesome! And the puppy, goodness he's adorable!

  16. Your puppy might grow into his ears one of these days! :-) I love the little corner shelf you found. Too bad the other one was in such bad shape.

  17. Well worth the early rise! I don't even going to an estate sale if I can't get there first thing. Maybe I should sometime just to see. lol! Love the little shelf for Maddie! In a few weeks that puppy will be too big for that seat. Ha-ha! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. WOW - such a good deal on the Valentines. I finally found some in the city. Every Sunday there is an antique market downtown... "The Sunday Antique Market" ... asinine prices. That's why I hate this market. $6+ each. I haven't been the market in over a year, I think & I swear some of the same stuff is still there. When I went to the ATM across the way, the same yellow metal cart that had been there 2.5 years ago when I first went near the side entrance WAS STILL THERE. $30 for a daisy divided anyone?

  19. I was going to comment on all your great finds (especially the valentines) but that incredibly cute puppy tops them all!