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Monday, January 21, 2013

What a Wonderful Weekend

Happy Monday!  It is days like these that I'm happy to be a teacher because I sure needed a day off.  I had a great weekend with Sisterita and now am enjoying a quiet house with my coffee in hand while the pets rest and the husband elk hunts.  Life is good.  I had some great thrift finds over the last week, was gifted some goodies by Sister, and even won a prize!  Here is what I have to share with you today.
Sister picked up the three juice glasses for me.  They are a little bigger than a swanky swig, so I have a hiding place for them (I keep getting scolded for bringing drink glasses home!)  Each glass has a scientific name written it.  The nerd I am, I immediately looked up what kind of birds they were when I got home.  The one on the left is a Nicobar Parakeet, next is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, but the last bird is a little trickier.  I've looked up it's name with no luck.  Guess he will just be the mystery bird.  I also got this canister at SV's when I was with Sister.
Here is a closeup.  It is really beautiful and heavy duty ceramic.  After a little research I realized it is made by the same company as our Mom's dinnerware set.  It is Portmeirion and is their Birds of Britain collection.  I'm in love and am collecting them all.
Sister also gifted me one of her Pyrex Ponderosa mugs, which was so generous, I'm spoiled.  She also sent the orange Hazel Atlas pitcher my way, now I have two!
I also have acquired some new books.  Sister shared two children's books with me along with the mammals field guide she had a double of.  I picked up the Andersen's Fairy Tales' at a strange little thrift store during the week.  I'm happy it still has a dust cover, and even happier that dates back to 1945.

Then yesterday when I got home I decided to go to a thrift store that I don't stop at very often.  There are no prices, you just take your finds to the front and this sweet little woman suggests what you should pay.  I picked up both of these planters and headed to the front.  I chatted with her and her friend for about 20 minutes about the planters.  One of them was convinced that the made in Japan planter on the right was a bird and a dolphin and I couldn't convince her it was a baby bird in a nest.  Oh well, it was comical.  Wanna guess how much I paid?  $2.50 for both.  Not bad, considering the blue lamb on the left is made by Haeger pottery.
You may have noticed the pretty tablecloth in the background of my pictures.  I made a quick stop at my favorite Goodwill and Portland and picked it up.  The peachy orange flowers obviously are what caught my eye.  When I got it home I was looking to see if it had a tag and sure enough it did, it's marked Vera!  There isn't any other markings on the tablecloth anywhere, just the tiny tag, which I'm happy I looked at.  Its pretty funny actually, I was admiring a beautiful Vera tablecloth at the antique mall with Sister on Saturday and said I hoped I would find one.

One last tale to share.  On my drive down I also got one more prize.  I always call into the country radio station in Portland on our drive through and my husband thinks I'm crazy.  We just switched from satellite radio and I heard the announcement to call.  Last time we drove through I was caller number 8 and so disappointed.  This time, I was caller number 9 and the winner!  Of what you ask?  Oh, just two tickets to see Kenny Chesney in Seattle in June!  I couldn't believe it!  I guess it was my lucky weekend!

I'm gonna go party over at Thriftasaurus!  
See you there!
Sister Hanna


  1. That little pitcher and your tablecloth are really pretty. Yippee on your win too!

  2. Kenny in Seattle ? That's going to be so awesome!! Eric Church is playing too you're gonna have a blast!

  3. You've got to be kidding - a Vera tablecloth!!! LUCKY!! And lucky again winning concert tickets... what a weekend!

  4. A Vera and Kenny???? You lucky duck! Kenny is coming here too, and they sold out in seconds of course. lol I had to laugh when you said that you always call in to the radio station. My sister does that all the time. Love the bird glasses! That will be a fun new collection!
    Great finds!
    Erica :)

  5. I like it all, as always. :) Love those books and those glasses are unique. I don't remember seeing those before. I like that lamb too. I was at a flea market today and was tempted by many lambs.

  6. So many cool finds! I love the vintage Ponderosa mug!
    I wanted to invite you to join in my thrifted link up.


  7. Ha-ha! How funny that you're hiding your drinking glasses!

    Congrats on your win! I haven't been to a concert in ages! ♥

  8. Those planters are so cute and at that price, what a steal!