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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Forgotten File-Part 1

This morning I was doing a little file clean up on my laptop and came across a photo file that somehow got moved to a section other than "Pictures" on my laptop. In it, I found several photos of items from an estate sale and from my trip to Astoria to visit sister over Memorial Day weekend that I never got to share with you.  So here you go folks, Part 1 of the Forgotten File.
I love old paperback cookbooks.  I have a vintage breadbox full of them.  It's fun to collect something that you can generally find for less than a dollar.  If you notice the pink one, it says "Heritage Receipts" and not "Recipes".  I'm pretty sure that is a typo which makes somehow makes me love it more.  Sister decided I needed this pink flamingo Made in Japan figurine she found at Goodwill. I think it is a little flower holder because it has four holes in the back.  They had it in the toiletry section.  I'm think they thought it was a toothbrush holder.  More Gurley candles for my ever growing collection and a Fire King teacup round out this photo.
More vintage glassware, a Horizon Blue 441, and a lid Sister bought for a quarter and sent home with me.  Does anyone know anything about the blue flamingo glass?  I would love to get my hands on some more.
Miss Maddy collects old Golden Books so I picked these up for her at an antique mall in Astoria.  I got the mercury glass garland at a roadside sale.  The guy running the sale said "Oh, you got yourself some Mardi Gras beads".  I think he just wanted me to flash him.
I got the Redman picnic basket from a lady for $5.  She told me that she paid a whole lot more for it and seemed kind of sad to see it go.  The red, white, and blue picnic basket almost caused serious bodily injury.  You can read about that story here, if you haven't already.
I got this awesome stained glass window pane
And the McCoy planter from a sale called "A Pickers Paradise".  We got there on half price day and these were the only two vintage items left.  I got them each for 5 bucks.  I got the little anthropomorphic bluebird planter from an antique store.  Sister calls the lady who owns the store "her competition". She says she sees her at all the sales and at Goodwill grabbing everything that she thinks is old.  The lamp was from another roadside sale where the lady was selling local artwork and handmade jewelery.  It looked really out of place sitting there. She was the nicest lady and even gave me a MCM magazine rack for free!  She said she loved the lamp but was having the hardest time finding a shade for it.
I guess she didn't check Target.  I found the perfect shade for it last week.  I love it! 

Sister, my BFF Rachel, and I are off to Bellingham, WA for our annual Summer girls trip for some antiquing and wine tasting. We decided to go a little more mellow this year. I'm pretty sure we are all still recovering from our Vegas trip last Summer.  I hope to have lots of things to show you all when I get back. 

Stay tuned for The Forgotten File-Part 2.

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Love the picnic baskets!! And they look to be in perfect shape!

  2. Haaaa! Mardi Gras beads! I love it! :)

  3. I love the lamp! Does it have any identifying marks on it?