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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Love Vintage!

I couldn't think of a better name for this post so I thought I would just sum up my general feeling about vintage in those three little words.  Works well, huh?

This summer, I have been fortunate enough to hit some pretty amazing estate sales. For the most part, the sales where I have found the best stuff are like stepping into a time warp.  I don't normally find just one or two older pieces here and there but an entire household full of vintage love.  I guess that is what a true estate sale is all about.  I know that pretty soon the sale season is going to get quieter and I will have to find another outlet for my lust for any and all vintage (ugh, Goodwill?)  But for now I am just going to bask in the glory and reap the benefits of the estate sale season.

Here is what I have found lately

I have decided that I am going to start collecting vintage flamingos.  I found this one at a little flea market set up at our local grange.  I think it is a bud vase.  I also got this (Wildendur?) tablecloth there for 50 cents.  It was a mess but trust me when I say that Oxy Clean is the BEST thing ever invented to bring vintage tablecloths back to their original glory.
Miss Maddy and I found these at a small sale not too long ago.  The suitcase was actually sitting on top of the table and for a dollar I couldn't pass it up.  When I asked if the table was also for sale, the lady said she didn't have it for sale but would gladly give it to me for a dollar.  Just what I needed.  Another piece of patio furniture but it would have haunted me had I left it behind. Yes, I'm sick.  I know.
I found this rug the same morning.  I have been wanting to change out the throw rug in my living room to something lighter that I wouldn't have to vacuum as often (me, lazy?  No.  I just HATE vacuuming).  Ignore the lines on the rug.  I took the picture before it dried from being shampooed.

More amazing vintage linens.  How cute is that Christmas apron?  For those of you with photographic memories, you may recall that the tablecloth in the middle was used in my 4th of July decorations. 
And what post titled "I Love Vintage" would be complete without my ultimate vintage love, Pyrex?  I found this set of individual au gratin casseroles at the antique mall that has my favorite booth. Passing these up would have given me serious nightmares.  Again, I have issues.  I know.

I hope that everyone had some awesome luck this last weekend finding treasures.  I will be checking in with your blogs to see what you have all been up to.

I'm also going to be linking up over at Flea Market Finds and Apron Thrift Girl

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  1. I never see those individual Pyrex dishes. That was such a good buy...in blue no less!
    Your title totally sums it up! I LOVE VINTAGE too!
    Erica :)

  2. Flamingo's and Pyrex, we're in good company :)

  3. A suitcase for $1 - what a steal!!

    I never see those individual Pyrex dishes - I'd like to though!!!

  4. Gorgeous tablecloths! That aqua one with the red cherries makes my heart flutter. ;)

  5. Oh lucky you!! Great, great finds! I'm espeically loving your linen scores!

  6. I thought I was the only one who has had nightmares about passing up pyrex! I have so much of it and love every piece and if I give away a piece of it, I make sure it is to a home that will treat it like it needs to be treated (no dishwasher)....lol. I have been collecting it for many years and there are only a few pieces that I do not have.