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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Forgotten File-The Final Chapter

Pretty snappy title, huh?  Much more mysterious than "Part 2". 

A few weeks ago, I came across an ad for an estate sale given by a company that I had never heard of.  We had other plans so I hadn't planned on going but after dropping Alex off at the high school to catch a bus to an out of town tournament, I found myself headed in the direction of the sale.  It started at 7:00 and I got there at 7:15.  There were only a few other shoppers there.  Guess it was too early for some folks.

The house looked like it was straight out of the 40's.  There was nothing in it that wasn't at least 50+ years old.  Check out what I got

I am having no issues at all finding vintage gift tags and wrapping paper.  Now the question is, do I actually use them or preserve them in their original packaging?
These are the cutest old greeting cards.  All unused too!
A tray for my collection and an old copy of "A Field Guide to Western Birds".
A huge old tin, a trader stamp holder, and the cutest little lamb.  She is missing her lid but she is the perfect holder for cotton swabs in my bathroom.
I love this McCoy planter.  It is pink on the inside so how could I not?  I also couldn't leave Bambi behind, even with the broken leg.
Some Swanky Swigs and the coolest set of shakers.
Some Melmac (of course), two kissing shakers for my kissing shaker collection and another Fire King Jadeite swirl bowl.  This makes 3!

Some more "Mardi Gras" beads.  Just kidding.  I know that these are mercury glass.
And a stack of chenille bedspreads along with an awesome pink coverlet.  Every one of these blankets are oversized so they will fit my king size bed even though they are most likely for a double.  They are also all in MINT condition with no stains or holes.

And what vintage estate sale would be complete without some vintage table cloths?

The prices on all of these items were the best that I have ever come across at an estate sale given by an estate sale company.  The only downside is that the people working the sale were not helpful at all.  They just sat behind the table waiting to take money.  They refused to store any larger items for me while I shopped and begrudgingly gave me a box (which they wouldn't let me keep!) to use.  There was a bright yellow sign taped to the cash table that said that if a check was being used ID WAS REQUIRED!  So it was pretty funny to me when I went to write a check for my loot, I tried to hand the guy my drivers license and he literally looked me up and down and said that he didn't need to see my ID.  Guess I was looking pretty decent that day:-)

All in all, I got some amazing items at great prices so I will definitely go to their sales again.  Next time I will just make sure to bring another bag and Miss Maddy to help me out.

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Have a great week!



  1. Wow! Now that's my kind of estate sale! Some great treasures you have there..

  2. Of course, I love the swanky swigs!! I hope I don't find too many, I don't know where I'm going to put them... Hah!!

    It sure was a great day for you!

  3. Haaa! That's too funny about the I.D! You really "cleaned up" at this sale! You can never have too many Mardi Gras beads! I'm really craving a good Estate Sale. We have so many around here, but none of them have looked good enough to go to this year.
    Oh well. I'll just watch you do it! :)

  4. Some amazing treasures you have there - the Fire King bowl, the kissing shakers, the deer & the vintage cards. I have the same problem... do I preserve them or use them? I've got a boxfuls of vintage wrapping paper, stationery, greeting cards.. but I just can't bring myself to use it, unless it's kind of ugly.

  5. Fun stuff! Fun Blog! I'll be back! ♥