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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's That Time Of Year Again...

I'm very lucky that one of my most favorite shows to attend is a mere 20 minutes from my house.  The annual Coburg Antique Faire is always a great way to end the summer and kick of the fall junkin' season.  I didn't find as much as I normally do, but I am super happy with what I brought home!

On to the loot...

There is a lady who every year downsizes her massive salt and pepper shaker collection and brings it all to the faire.  I always find something from her.  How sweet will these be at Thanksgiving?

I absolutely cannot resist these Hazel Atlas ivy bowls when I find them at a good price.  They are so heavy duty and perfect!

Never one to pass up a good deal on vintage glassware, especially those huge tumblers.

Fun stuff for Miss Norah to play with when she comes to visit.

I have lots of Gurley turkeys so these two will fit right in with the rest of the gaggle.  The sweet boy and girl Valentine candy holders are a first for me to find in the wild.

This winking Santa wall hanger is pretty dang cute, don't you think?

I picked up this Halloween honeycomb kitty from one of my estate sale friends.  It's always fun (and sometimes aggravating) to see the things they grabbed that I missed out on at the same sales!

Believe it or not, there are still pieces of Pyrex that I need for my collection.  Like this bubblegum pink 024.  There was tons of Pyrex but lots of price gauging going on. I'm happy to report that I haggled my way to a really fair prices on this beauty!

Love the sweet graphics on this square dancing scarf!


It's always a good day when a few vintage linens come home with me.

And this amazing vintage quilt belonged to the sellers great aunt.  I ask you, who gets rid of heirlooms like that?

Even though I already have a minnow bucket exactly like this, for the price they were asking, it would have been silly of me to leave it behind.  Plus, the orange graphics are perfect for fall decorating.

One of the regular sellers at the flea market brought these to Coburg, hoping she would see me there.  I buy a lot of my vintage deer from her.  It's always nice to know people in buy and sell vintage!

I don't know if I am just getting more particular about the things I buy or if this year's faire just wasn't as good as those in the past. I do know I had to do quite a bit more digging to find what I brought home.  Plus there were a lot of sellers selling New Made To Look Old.  I really hope this trend dies out soon.  I want real vintage junk!!

Have a great day...



  1. You got some great stuff! I've been noticing it has been getting a lot harder for me to buy stuff at reasonable prices. I am also aggravated by the new stuff made to look old. So, I think why there's both high prices and new stuff made to look old is because lots of vintage items are really trendy right now.

  2. I'm madly in love with that honeycomb cat! Fantastic awesome!

  3. The ivy bowl made my heart beat faster! It's something I would have picked up for sure. I loved scrolling through your finds!

  4. I think Melissa nailed it right on the head with the trendiness driving prices and other stuff. We have shows here that have popped up that are really doing nothing but riding the trend and selling way over-priced stuff. I love that cat and the square dancing scarf. I'm heading to my fave fall event this weekend--the Highway 60 sale in western Kentucky.

  5. I love what you did buy! It is hard to find a favorite as I like all of them! I guess the black cat would have to be my top pick. I hear you about the price gouging, yuck!

  6. Oh I have missed your "finds" posts. Of course I love the linens, but oh the Halloween cat is amazing. Hazel Atlas is always good..

    Keep digging, you did great! Hate that new fake stuff too. :)

  7. Oh yes, those salt & pepper shakers are *PERFECT* for Thanksgiving. (Or, as my tipsy grandma called it, Thanksliving.) Maybe I should come visit you for this show next year? Then again, we'd probably fight over all the lovely things. Haha!


  8. I got so excited pinning the Indians that I forgot to comment :) Ugh, there's a sale coming up this weekend that I used to love, but last year everyone knocked up their prices ridiculously high. Plus they are charging a parking fee. To park in a cow pasture. You have to step over cow poop, possibly twist your ankle or get your car stuck in the mud??? No thanks!

  9. I think you did fine with your choices I hear you I am being a bit more picky when I buy... I just get way too much stuff busting out my storage.. I cant sell it fast enough!

  10. LOVE all of your finds! It is always so sad to me to hear people say they quilt or items they are selling were their grandma's or great grandma's. I would LOVE to have stuff from my grandma or great grandma!!

  11. I had no desire to hit Coburg--all the people, high prices. I guess I just have too much stuff and don't want to spend money. But glad you had a good time and found some treasures!!!

  12. Just over 60 years ago, my mom and dad got a set of the three Hazel Atlas ivy bowls for their wedding. When mom remarried, she passed them on to me. One time when I moved, the largest one broke. My heart sunk. We moved into our new house just a month ago, and I unpacked the remaining two ivy bowls and found that the middle one has broken. Only the littlest one is left. It is so precious to me. My little bowl is sitting on the microwave out of the way, and I see it every day. I can never replace the two that have broken, because having a set just wouldn't be the same. I treasure the one that is left. Seeing the one you found makes me smile.

  13. Love seeing more in depth pictures and comments. As much as I love IG, blogging has many charms! I'm a sucker for those linens!