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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More From Farm Chicks...

Good morning! 

So I promised you all that I would share more of my Farm Chicks finds soon.  And I always keep my promises.  Or at least I try to.  Most of the time. 

Anyway...here you go.  Enjoy!

A couple of finds from the second day of the show.  My first box of old sparklers!  These are so dang hard to find.  The box of chalk was one I didn't already have and fits in perfect with my 4th decorations.
Colorful smalls are some of my favorite things to find.
I have a feeling I am going to have to find a bigger display for my vintage tape tins.
These quirky little fish bait containers are so funny and the perfect color.
In order to avoid my house being overrun by vintage suitcases, I only collect the striped ones.  I was super happy to find this child sized one.
It's a good thing I have vaulted ceilings!
The massive linen pile is legendary at Farm Chicks and I could spend HOURS digging. 
I thought these NOS signs would be cute framed in the guest bedroom.
Along with thermoses, vintage quilts are in abundance at this show.  I bought two of these from the linen pile.  Can you believe I didn't already have a single pink quilt?  Now I have 2!
Busy day today.  Lazy days of summer?  Not around here!
Have an awesome day~


  1. Fun finds. I got one of those fish bait containers last year at the show. Super cute graphics on those. I wish sparkler boxes were easier to find too!

  2. I'm completely smitten with those fish bait containers. Now, I need to find some of those for our A-frame lake house! I appreciate all the pics you and Laurie shared on IG along the way on your travels. Almost felt like I was with you!

  3. Living vicariously through you, lol, so loving your farm chick posts! Massive linen pile, I'm going to dream about that. I'm drooling over your stack. Fabulous suitcase collection and display. Sweet colorful smalls...you did great!

  4. Love the flower tin and linens:) It is fun to see your finds.

  5. Great finds! I think I love those bait cups and sparklers best.

  6. Very cute bait cups. The massive linen pile reminds me of the 5 foot clothing pit you jump into & pick through in Montreal.

  7. Oh, no! I never saw a bait cup collection and now I want one. Love the quilts and the tape tins. Pinning and sharing the suitcase stack.

  8. Super finds! Love your vintage suitcase collection.... Just had to pin it!!!