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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Farm Chick Madness Part 1

Nobody panic!!  Yes, I am back and yes I am writing an actual blog post showing you things I found 2 weeks ago at Farm Chicks.  I am the WORST blogger in America!  Ever since I moved my blogging laptop upstairs, I find that I am blogging less and less.  It's not that I don't spend a lot of time upstairs, it's just that when I am up there, I am doing different things.  So I think I will keep it down in my bedroom for a while and see if that helps.  Also, there is that cursed Instagram.  I will definitely hold that addicting social media/photo sharing app somewhat responsible for my slacking. 

Okay, enough excuses!  Farm Chicks is such an amazing show.  Not only can you find amazing treasures there, but the displays and eye candy are worth the price of admission alone.  Check out Magpie Ethel's blog post about it here.  It will make you want to plan a trip to next years show for sure!

Lots of things bought over this weekend so I am going to break this adventure down in 3 posts.  Enjoy!

I swear that I can't go to the local convenience store without finding something for Miss Norah.  So why should the Farm Chicks show be any different?  I can't wait until she can wear this sweet little apron with the windmills on it.  I'm gonna be the fun aunt that bakes with her.  I have awesome memories of doing that with my favorite aunt.

I got an apron for myself too.  We are going to break the internet with our cuteness :-)

I barely escaped this booth alive.  There was a vintage crepe paper wedding party magpie on the loose!  But check out what she bought here.  I really can't blame her.

This giant roll of vintage wallpaper will go a long way with projects.  I am going to line a bookshelf with it first.

I bought these pink elephants from a sweet girl who was also selling her grandpa's homemade honey.  We bought a jar of it and it is amazing.  You just never know what you will find at Farm Chicks!

Brian was pretty proud of this find and of his ability to haggle the seller down in his price.  We have two of these with different graphics and the possibilities with them are endless!

I bought this same pitcher and matching glasses at an antique mall in Seaside a few years ago.  But over the years, it acquired a small crack.  Super happy to replace it since it is one of my favorites!

This sweet baby deer was my first find of the show.  I just need to find him a mama now.

I have a huge collection of old picnic jugs that I display on my patio during the summer.  I love finding ones I don't have.

Try as I might, I was totally unable to resist this awesome Tonka jeep and luggage cart.

I managed to almost complete my Glasbake basketweave mug set in one fell swoop.  I also found two Swanky Swigs that I didn't have.

Tons of way overpriced Pyrex at the show so this piece is the only one I bought.  The sweet lady who sold it to me either hasn't caught on to the craze yet or simply didn't care to overinflate the prices on her items.  I paid $7 for this.  And it is in awesome condition.

Just about every single booth had at least one thermos for sale.  Which was very fitting since the theme of the show was Summer Camp. 

This looks like a good place to stop.  I promise I won't make you guys wait too long for the next installment. 

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. You are never going to let me live down the battle in the booth with the wedding party. Ever. I only gave you a tiny shove. Tiny...no bruises.
    I picked up two identical elephants at FC too...they weren't sweet in the honey booth though.

  2. Is that a pink thermos??? That is adorable! Looks like you got lots of good stuff, but now you're making me wonder what's to come next :)

  3. I'm loving those mugs. It looks like an amazing sale and I really enjoyed following you and Laurie on IG. That tiny windmill apron is the sweetest print EVER!!

  4. Awesome finds. Love all the pinks especially. And serendipitous find on that replacement pitcher! Looking forward to the next installment of your adventures :-)

  5. Wow! Maybe next year. I really want to go. I love the thermos'! Stacey

  6. Sweet goodies! That show is on my bucket list. I'm waiting to see if you snatched a tablecloth from the piled high table that Laurie showed. Love the apron too.

  7. A woman cheerleader selling battery cables? I suppose that was sexy then, and the hems have just gotten shorter! Something don't change!

  8. So glad to hear from you and you came with treasures galore! Love the blue picnic jug and the Tonka luggage truck. Norah has the bestest aunt!

  9. I love it all. That Tonka luggage truck is amazing adorable. I guess I'm going to have to get to the Farm Chicks one of these days...

  10. Tonka Jeep with luggage trailer. What the What?! Adorablest thing ever. Must find so I can put a Christmas tree in the trailer.