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Thursday, May 7, 2015

From The Flea...

Happy Thursday!

It's been a while since I've done a flea market find post.  So I have lots to share!  Lucky you!

On Saturday, I decided it was time to get rid of my giant farmhouse table.  It seats 7 people WITHOUT the two leaves and we really just didn't need that size of table anymore.  So I told Brian that as soon as I found the perfect table, the big one would have to go.  Little did I know that the very next morning at the flea market, this enamel table would present itself.  PERFECTION!  I am using my Target folding chairs temporarily until the right chairs come along. 


Look at the details!

I found a second set of Gurley cowboy/cowgirl candles.  The box has seen better days but I still think it displays good.

I can't seem to stop buying Texas Ware bowls.  They can be so expensive so when I find them for $5, it would be ridiculous for me not to buy it.  And I am not about being ridiculous.  The vintage glass is one I surprisingly didn't already have in my massive collection.  It is almost identical to some of the Swanky Swigs I have. And I always pick up the Hazel Atlas cowboy shot glasses when I find them.  They just fit in so well at my house.  Booze, cowboys....you get the idea.

I missed out on all these deer at an estate sale the other day and I was pretty bummed about it.  But I was super happy to find the guy who did get them selling them at the flea market.  Meant to be!

The first Jadeite dinner plate I have ever found and this sweet little condiment set were picked up from one of my favorite sellers.

Some new to me candles, a cute plaid box of party sticks, and some vintage straws were found from the guy that normally sells new Fiesta dishes.  It was really random that he had old stuff on his table.  You jsut never know!

And I surprisingly found some Pyrex.  I am so happy that my days of being a new collector are over and that I have most of the pieces in the patterns I collect.  Everybody here is absolutely PYREX CRAZY!!  I was lucky to get these pieces.  There is a lady who buys every single piece that is for sale at the flea market, even the dishwashered ones and patterns that nobody ever buys.  There is also an old guy who scoops up whatever he can find too.  They are both dealers but I have no idea if they sell locally or online.  I try and stay out of their way because they are both super ruthless and rude.  The only reason I got these bowls is because I just so happened to be looking at something else on the table while these were getting unpacked. 

There is a guy who sells all of his late grandmother's things at the flea market.  He is the nicest guy and is always willing to let me haggle.  He told me these were his games that he used to play when he visited her as a little boy.  I just can't imagine getting rid of something that held such wonderful memories.  Can you?

I love old cookbooks but need to keep better track of which ones I already have.  These ended up being duplicates and will be sold eventually.


I love decals and old seals!  I have so many things I can use these on.

This package of vintage birthday napkins brings my total to three.  An official collection!

Time to head out the door and pick up Miss Maddie from school.  Today is her last day for the week and tomorrow we are taking a little road trip to visit a very sweet addition to our family.  Can't wait!

Until next time....



  1. Yippee! Lots of vintage goodies. First of all I love love that table! Score for sure. Pyrex is pretty scarce around here but lucky for me I have most of the pieces I want. I too always buy Texas ware bowls if they are a good price. I've given several to family and friends who once they own one love them! Enjoy your road trip.


  2. Wow! Love that amazing table!!! Great Jadeite plate too. I just found two jadeite cereal bowls at GW. It's soooo hard to come by. Great finds.

  3. You're killing me here. A super cute new kitchen table, cute deer and you get to play with the new baby!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I love the table! The world has seemed have gone Pyrex crazy!! I've found some recently at thrifts (JAJ mugs, snowflake gravy boat 503 daisy & BP), but a far cry from the 10 I used to bring home a week!!

    Happy Hunting this weekend.

  5. Those deer with the necklaces are super cute!

  6. Man, a whole pack of the napkins that I found one of in my box last month! Nice.

  7. What great finds! I know how you feel about Pyrex... There are a pot of people that will buy anything, no matter pattern, condition, etc. I tend only buy pieces that people desire or are super cheap, because then I can pass them on super cheap.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats on the table! Your Target chairs look good with it! :D

  9. Love the table!!! Cute birthday napkins...I just love to hunt for treasures. I bought a beat up pyrex bowl just for the lid, it was $1.00.
    Happy Mom's day.

  10. You have MY table! Seriously, my mother had it, then I had it, my dear friend had it, and now it is blessing her daughter's first home. These tables were made to be loved!

  11. I just find this so much fun. Here it is! http://marywaldsvintageplace.blogspot.com/2011/07/vintage-red-goodie-that-lives-at-my.html

  12. Well you are the queen of good finds! If I ever get out west, you are taking me thrifting! Your new table is spectacular. It even looks great with your target chairs. I don't buy Pyrex anymore, but if I fell into those like you, I would have, lol. Hope to get to an estate sale tomorrow.

  13. Your enamel table is just splendid. You really do have fabulous luck at the flea markets too. Have a wonderful weekend spoiling that niece!

  14. The table is awesome of course but I love those gurley candles.

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