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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Flea Season!

No, not that kind of flea.  Flea Market Season!  Unlike so many of you lucky people, our flea market closes during the summer months. Maybe it's to give us Oregonians something to do in the cold, rainy fall and winter?  Well, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. It's open again and the first market didn't disappoint!

I picked up this pair of old dresser drawers thinking they would make awesome shadow boxes.

How sweet is this drawer liner?

Remember that cowgirl lunchbox I recently found at the Coburg Antique Fair?  I can't believe I found another vintage cowgirl themed one at the flea.

Love this gorgeous floral chocolate tin

I was hoping that the bell pepper jar went with the Hazel Atlas strawberry and apple jars.  But after doing a little research, I don't think this is Hazel Atlas.  But who cares?  It's perfect for salsa!  I couldn't remember if I had the Glasbake mug in pink and I didn't want to risk it so home with me it came (now I have two).  Can you guys tell me who makes the child's dish?  It's unmarked but I'm thinking either Pyrex or Hazel Atlas.

This sweet pony tail girl has joined the family of Sun Rubber dolls that I have recently started to collect.  I already have this pattern of Holiday thermos but in the larger size.  I didn't realize it came as a mini too!

The pink Hazel Atlas frosted souvenir glasses are my favorites and since Arizona is one of my favorite places to visit, this glass was meant for me!  The lid on the Jadeite pepper shaker has seen better days but under $10 Jadeite cannot be left behind.  It's the rules!

Ready for my favorite purchase of the day?

This canister set has obviously be used and loved.  But something about the imperfections drew me in.  Oh, and the $10 price tag wasn't bad either!  Would you have bought these?

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  1. Those drawers are fabulous. Loving the sneak peeks on IG. I agree. No decent priced jadeite should be left behind.

  2. My fave is the iris tin - so pretty!

  3. Oh yes, I would of bought those canisters for 10.00. Many years ago I passed on a sugar canister because it didn't have a lid. It was only 15.00. I am still kicking myself, after all of these years.

  4. So many sweet things! Love the cowgirl lunchbox! Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays. Jo

  5. That Holiday thermos is going to look so cool with your Christmas decor!!! Great finds, as usual!

  6. $10 is my "what the hell, why not" price point, so yes, I would've bought them. And then I would've used them in the laundry to collect all the stuff on my shelf in there like clothespins.

    Those mugs I bought - you said you saw them in the hazel atlas book, is there a pattern name? I have googled my brains out and cant find anything about them.

  7. I totally would've bought those canisters! Loving everything else!

  8. Yes, yes, to the canisters. Love the drawers. Would have gotten those in a heart beat!! Great things you found.

  9. Yes, I would have bought those canisters! today is my birthday and I'm hoping to find a new at a super big antique mall we're going too!

  10. Great stuff -especially the canisters. Even if you use them to store craft stuff they are a cool find.

  11. I would love to have a Flea Market to go to in the Fall! Fun finds.

  12. I hope you are able to save the liner in the drawers - such a lovely pattern.

  13. I'll say I would have bought those canisters for that price. And jadeite under $10 is unheard of! I recently bought the flour shaker and paid 20 something. The childs dish is super cute and I adore thermoses! The drawer liner is precious!! Thanks for sharing your great finds with SYC.

  14. As always-great finds! I would have bought the jadeite and pinched myself all the way home-even with them being well loved!

  15. What did you ever do with these drawers??? They're so darn cute! I can picture them hung horizontally, one above the other. And displaying one of your collections. Just thought I'd tell you what I would do if they were MINE! LOL
    Have you been finding lots of stuff at the FLEA, but only showing it on Instagram? :)
    Miss you girls!