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Monday, March 10, 2014

What I Bought at the Antique Show...

The weekend before last, Maddie and I headed up to Portland to the Expo for a huge antique show.  I've only ever been to this show one other time and it was held in a different location.  I was totally not expecting how big this venue was in comparison to the other one.  It took us a good 2+ hours to work our way through the crowds and booths. 

For the most part, the prices were pretty high.  I was telling Laurie of Magpie Ethel fame that the next time I come, I need to remember to bring Alex because evidently some of the sellers wanted my first born for their wares.  But a lot of the sellers were willing to barter (with Maddie who refuses to let me haggle because she loves to do it) and I was able to get some pretty great stuff. 

I have had this cake carrier pinned on Pinterest forever and was super happy to find it in person.

There was one booth that had literally hundreds of Golden Books and Rand McNally Elf books.  I would have loved to have had more time to dig through them.  These cuties were all right on top and could not be left behind, especially the one about No-Good The Dancing Donkey.

I am going to go off track for just a moment and show you all a couple of things that Brian found for me at an out of town thrift a while back

I was so excited when he brought these home that I snapped a photo before I cleaned them up which is so unlike me!  He called me from the thrift and said "it's not Pyrex, but it's an old bowl with that blue color you like".  He also told me he found a red "Fire King Chili Bowl".  How he knew it was a chili bowl is beyond me.

So ever since he brought those pieces home, I have been obsessed with finding more.  I grabbed all of these pieces made by Federal Glass from one seller who had the best prices at the whole show, almost like flea market prices.  The bowl set has 4 bowls so I am half way there to having the whole set


I also managed to find another one of the chili bowls, this time in orange.  I would like to get a couple more of them because they are a really convenient size.  Glasbake makes them too but I am going to limit myself to only buying the Fire King ones.  I have to set some boundaries!  I love how kitschy the notepad holder is and was giddy when I found my very first star Swanky Swig.  Miss Maddie got the seller down two bucks on it!

I found some sweet Easter plates along with some little boy and girl candle holders in their original boxes.  I bought the Junior Executive game from a really nice guy who told me it belonged to him and his sister when they were younger.  He said they spent hours playing it.  I told him that vintage games were my newest collection and that I would be displaying it, not putting it in a closet.  That made him happy.

There was tons of Pyrex at this show, most of it either grossly overpriced or a piece I already had. I have a small list of pieces I look for to complete sets.  I was happy to find this pink 404 and to be able to check it off my list. 

One more 404 to go and I will have put 3 complete sets together!  Aren't they so pretty?

All in all, this was a really fun show and Maddie, Hanna, and I plan on going to the next one this Summer.  Even if a lot of it was out of my price range, I still enjoyed looking at all the eye candy.  Plus, I got to spend time with my girl which is always the best part.

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Have a great week!



  1. The summer show is the best since there are outside vendors as well. I saw the table with the crazy amount of books and rummaged through them as well. You still did pretty well considering some of those silly prices that they were asking!

  2. I can't BELIEVE you put that many pink sets together!!! WOW!

    Heather @ Lark & Lola

  3. I wish I could have seen your creation in person! (sad to have missed the show this year). My favorite moment was reading you received the peoples choice award, well that was until reading about your giving away flowers to passers-by. I'm sure you both put smiles on lots of faces.Lethbridge woman show

  4. Love the chili bowls--great color. About six months ago, I passed one up in a thrift store. I'm now regretting it!

  5. Oh, my! That cake carrier is AMAZING! I would love to go to that show. There's nothing quite like that around here. Sure, we have barn sales and larger sales that have some good stuff, but there's so much wading through junk to get to the good stuff. That's it. I'm moving to Oregon!

  6. That cake carrier is a thing of beauty to behold. Almost as fabulous as 3 sets of beautiful pink mixing bowls!!! : ) I'm jealous!
    That notepad holder cracks me up. So much kitsch in one little piece.
    I found that same pattern of Federal glass too, just not in as good of shape. I searched Federal Glass after finding them because I didn't know much about it...holy crap, I could totally have a new collection!
    Oh, and I found my first swanky swig the other day! I popped right over here just to make sure it was what I thought it was. : )

  7. I love the Easter plate - that is so cute!!!!

    Games are your newest obsession!! Hah!! I might have more than you right now but I'm sure you'll soon catch up! Hah!!!

  8. You always find great treasures! What a fantastic cake carrier, and I'm crazy about your blue fruit Federal glass, wowie! Good for Maddie, your little bargainer, would LOVE to see that in action!

    :) Pam

  9. Always with the vintage treasures! Glad you were able to check something off your list. Loving all the pink bowls.

    I remember an older woman at a church sale... I was paying for greeting cards (you gotta pay in each section - so many thieves, I guess?) & she was like, "I didn't think anybody was going to buy these! That's why I packaged they up so nice." She was so sweet & told me she'd have some more in October. Well, I missed the sale. Maybe their Spring sale I'll see her!

  10. Aren't those wonderful finds! I especially like that cake holder. That is such a pretty color and looks like a nice one!

  11. Hi Pam @House of Hawthrons sent me over here to look around at your pyrwx

  12. Wow, all those pink bowls- I have never even seen one, and I have thrifted a lot of Pyrex. I did find a pink stripe 401 the other day, but it is so DWD it might as well be opal...

  13. I love looking in at all your treasures. And I sometimes dream of pink dishes---perhaps making all the chores into childhood play instead of work. Who wouldn't like to cook in a dollhouse kitchen?

    There's just too much STUFF in this house--so much so that I've sworn off even Goodwill for the past couple of years, but if I came across those pink dishes, I'd buy them, every one.