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Friday, March 21, 2014

An Estate Sale and Some Sister Time

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Hanna here.  I'm about to head off for my last day of work before Spring Break so I figured I better share some of my recent finds before I head into vacation mode.  A few weeks back I actually made it to an estate sale that started on a Saturday.  I got there an hour early to find a line of 10 people already.  I was so tired with minimal sleep the night before but I had a great feeling about this sale.  I'm sure happy I took the time to wait, as I found a couple great treasures.
 I found some old cookie cutters with wooden handles.  I want a jar full like Erica's eventually.  I also purchased Erica the ugliest donkey I've ever seen.  You see, my rule is no donkey left behind, and I know Erica will grow to love it unconditionally.  I also bought the Pyrex refrigerator dish just for the lid.

I pounced on this Pyrex Lace Medallion right when I walked in the sale.  It is practically perfect and I was really happy to find a nice piece of Pyrex in a color and pattern that is actually coveted.
 I was pretty excited to add another set of bookends to my collection.  These muskets are marked Japan and have the same color scheme as the kitty cats that I got recently.
 I bought hoards of books.  Weird, right?  There were just so many to choose from.  I was really excited about the official bartenders guide, it goes great with all my bar ware.  I also love old science textbooks, and this one is full of experiments.  There were a lot of cook books at this sale, and this is just one that I purchased.
I also found a few bridge items that I bought because I liked the graphics.  I'm really drawn to the little big books.  I have sold an Uncle Wiggly book in the past so I picked it up also.
Eeek!  More books!  I came home with a stack of childrens books and these are a few of my favorites.
 Last week I checked out my GW and found that someone must have cleaned out their egg cup collection.  I'm telling you there were probably 75 and they were still putting more out.  I know nothing about egg cups but I do know that anything marked Japan and Easter comes home with me.  The yellow egg cup has 3 bears on it and is a type of English pottery I'm pretty sure.  The Humpty Dumpty has some crazing, but I love the back of this cup:

"How exactly like an egg he is!"  It is very sweet.  I can't find any information on this egg cup but I was happy to bring it home.
I went down for a visit with Erica this last weekend and she of course had some goodies for me including some duplicate cookbooks she had.
She also took me to the antique mall with the biggest pixie collection I've ever seen and bought me these 2 cuties.  We picked them together solely based on their stances.  Erica says I pose like the one on the right a lot.  I probably do.  I only bought two things when I was down antiquing and going to the flea markets and one of those items is the pheasant cup.  Erica gave Matt a full set of these juice glasses a few Christmas's ago.  What is exciting about this one is that it is the size of a swanky swig, perfect to drink wine out of!

I forgot to picture my other purchase, so I will have to share it next time.  There were lots of things I wanted to get at the flea markets but I'm headed to St. Thomas for a week on Monday and I'm saving all my fun money for vacation.  I wonder if I will find any thrift stores in the Caribbean?  Wish me luck!

Always a Pleasure,


  1. Great finds, I'm super jealous of the Pyrex dish! I've only seen that once in the wild and it was horribly dishwashered. Lovely one you found!

    And I agree about the size of those cups, perfect for wine ;-)

    Heather @Lark & Lola

  2. Love your finds.....especially the turquoise Pyrex!!! You did great!!!

  3. AARRHHGGG All those Egg Cups at your GW?? I am super jealous. I would have loved a few for ME! I love pyrex and have few pieces but not turquoise or pink! But then again I am looking strictly for my own uses and not re-selling or anything. Those colors super-crash with my true retro avocado and harvest gold kitchen!

  4. I love that plaid book! Very cool display piece. And I think that Uncle Wiggly book is harder to find, so good pickup. The egg cups--aah! I don't think I've ever come across an egg cup while thrifting so to see 75 of them sounds like a dream!

  5. You found some great stuff! I love everything, but I especially love the cookie cutters and the pixies, and I'm drooling over the Cinderella book.

  6. As always, some really great finds! I really like those pixies a lot. I have the ugliest donkey s&p shaker that I'm sure Erica would love....

  7. I love the egg cups and pixies. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  8. Great stuff! I would have loved to look at all those egg cups! The ones you picked are too cute! Have a blast in St. Thomas. Oh my gosh, that sounds like Heaven right about now!
    Erica :)

  9. Would have loved to have been at GW when they were putting out a egg cup collection. Good timing on that! Have a great vacation and soak up some sun.

  10. Though I can't give you any info on the manufacturing of the Humpty Dumpty cup, I can tell you that is an illustration by Sir John Tenniel from Through The Looking Glass. The quote is by Alice, upon first seeing him. Very cool!

    1. Oh man, that is amazing! I love anything related to Alice, so this will be a great addition to my collection! I think I need to read Through the Looking Glass again :)

  11. Oh, great--ANOTHER Betty Crocker cookbook I must own! Lots of awesome finds, particularly that Pyrex.

  12. Lucky you, going somewhere sunny and hot - spring seems so far away....

  13. The Lace Medallion is so pretty & the pixies are perfect!

    Nice guns, Hanna.

  14. Hooray on the Pyrex score! And I really like the "ships of all times" book, such cool graphics! Looks like it was worth the sleep deprivation!