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Monday, January 20, 2014

This Week At The Flea...

Happy Monday, Everyone!

It's a no school day today and even though I crave routine, sometimes it's really nice to have an extra day just to catch up.  It's been a pretty frantic weekend around here.  As you know, on Friday Brian & I headed up to Seattle to see Justin Timberlake (yes, again). We got home on Saturday night then it was up early Sunday morning to head to the flea market.  So this morning, I have no place to rush off to so I can have that third cup of coffee and share with all of you what I found at the flea market yesterday.

I love going to the flea market when it's around a holiday.  I bought this huge bag of vintage valentine's for super cheap.  I have quite a collection of them already but these are the perfect size for the banner that I am hoping to make today.

These table runners have just the right colors for either Spring or Fall.

This tablecloth has no holes but a few stains so the seller sold it to me for cheap.  She told me she hadn't tried to clean it yet so I'm confident I can get it looking new again.

One seller had these two pieces of Fire King Jadeite marked $2 each, as is.  For the life of me, I couldn't find anything wrong with the bowl.  There was a yellow stain on the mug and while I was waiting for my change, Maddie whispered to me that she was able to scrape the yellow off.  Score!

I found lots of little kitchen things from one seller.  I am going to put a decal on the shaker.  The aluminum cup next to it is marked "Smoothie Shaker".  The sweet pink Humpty Dumpty cup will go in my box for my future niece or nephew.  **Disclaimer:  Hanna is NOT pregnant (yet) which I'm sure you all gathered since she is in Vegas.

I also bought these cute cake toppers for the future baby.  I hope to collect enough that I can put them in a cute jar to display.

I bought the Doctor Doolittle's Garden book for my Halloween display.  I actually found the Fiesta latte mug from Goodwill on my way home.  It's a rare occasion that I find Fiesta at the thrift.

There is a seller at the flea that mainly sells small Ziplock bags full of vintage trinkets.  He also has old tins full of dice, Monopoly game pieces, poker chips, etc..  I love buying stuff from him.  He is super nice and always gives a good deal if you buy more than one thing.  That is the way a flea market seller should be!

I got this sweet little guy from him too. It's my first pinecone gnome.

I know it looks like I got a lot but believe me, it took a lot of work to get it.  I always pay extra to get into the flea early but unfortunately, they let the sellers in at the same time.  So I spend a lot of time circling the market waiting for all of the goods to get unpacked. 

Here's a fun story...as I was leaving, I ran into one of my estate sale friends.  She just so happened to be with a fellow blogger, Evie from Evie's Haus!  It's so fun to meet other bloggers and be recognized.  Be sure to check out her blog.  She loves all of the same amazing vintage things that we do, especially Pyrex!

And speaking of Pyrex, check out what I bought on Society 6

I mean, what Pyrex lover doesn't need a Balloons iPhone case & coffee mug?

Fun weekend & fun finds!  Our seats at JT were AMAZING!  If you follow me on Instagram, I took a photo from our seats just before the concert started (Shara, are you conscious yet?).  Brian got some awesome videos that I am going to have Maddie upload onto You Tube.  They are that good.  3 solid hours of singing and dancing from my absolute favorite performer ever (or as Hanna calls him, my boyfriend).  I will post a link when the videos are up.

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Have an awesome week!



  1. Perfect timing, just finished my post and see yours on my blog roll! :)
    You got some amazing things Erica, as usual! You know I love those runners and the tablecloths. OMG that Jadeite, major score! Loving the vintage Christmas guys too. I follow Evie's blog, she has terrific finds. Can't believe you met, how fun. Too jealous of your concert to dwell on that, lol...kiddin' lucky you.

  2. You have an amazing flea market to attend! What fun finds. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are lucky to have a flea market that you can hit regularly! Seriously. Glad JT was fun and need to get better at that Instagram. Happy day off and enjoy that morning coffee

  4. I agree - super lucky to have a flea market you can hit up regularly. Although, I think my house would be more overwhelmed with vintage goodness & other crap if I had one.

    Favs: Jadeite, knee hugger & Humpty Dumpty cup!

  5. Some great flea market finds love the Jadeite.

  6. Hi Erica! Had to come see if you posted your finds from the flea market yesterday! (So neat to have met you there!!!) Ah for sure I would have been all over the pine cone guy! Glad YOU snagged him up! You have lots of great finds in your post!

  7. Glad you had a blast at the concert! Your thrifting posts never disappoint. Lots of good stuff there. I have no idea what Society 6 is, but I am on my over there right now!

  8. Amazing deal on the jadite and I love the linens too. Great scores!


  9. I can't believe you got the Jadeite for so cheap! Heck, even if I found those at the thrift store where nobody knew what they were, they'd cost more than that so you totally scored!

  10. Cute finds, as usual!! I have never found an affordable piece of Jadeite!

  11. How in the world does that flea market have such great stuff, week after week?? Jealous!!

  12. You're killing me! Your flea market is so much cooler than ours!
    All the Valentines are fantastic and the little pine cone gnome is so cute. Oh, and the Jadeite that you got for practically nothing - FANTASTIC! All you hard work was totally worth it.
    It looked like you had to have had a great time at the Justin concert, those seats were killer! I heard he puts on a great show.

  13. Great finds! Can't wait to see the Valentine's Day banner--bet it'll be super cute :)

  14. I think you scored some nice treasures! Paper and linens always "speak" to me!
    Have fun making a Valentine banner.

  15. Lovely finds! That tablecloth is gorgeous!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  16. You amaze me. Seriously. How do you find THIS MUCH awesomeness all at once? It kills me. I'd have to hit up, like, 20 estate sales and thrift for at least two weeks to get that many amazing scores.

    Everything is awesome! LOVE those tablecloths.

    Heather @ Lark & Lola

  17. Awesome finds! I scored a super rare McKee custard glass sugar canister (w/ lid) for a STEAL. They're going on ebay between $90-$150. I couldn't believe it!

  18. Great scores in record time. We do not see stuff this wonderful very often. Love the Jadeite.

  19. My jaw just dropped at the sight of that phone case. I think I'm in LOVE!

    We love the EXACT SAME THINGS!!!!!!!! I can't BELIEVE you got that jade-ite for SO CHEAP!

  20. Oh my gosh! That phone cover is AMAZING!!!! :D lots of neat bits picked up from the sale, I like the cookie cutters. Speaking of meeting fellow bloggers, a few post back did I hear that you and sister are headed to Texas for a wedding this year?! If you are headed to the metroplex (and if you have time before/after the wedding) we'd LOVE for you to come visit!!! The Casablanca is about an hour and a half from Dallas! (Which sounds like a lot, but our highway speed limits at 75mph!) send me an email and we'll plan it out!

  21. I, like everyone else, LOVE jadeite! That $2 bowl is really lovely.

  22. Sigh, I'm probably better off not having a convenient flea market...

    Love that iphone case!

  23. Wow, Erica, that Jadeite bowl would be $45 in my area, no kidding! Love all your finds. LOVE that iPhone case, Awwww! Featuring you on my Link Party Features Pinterest board this week. Thanks so much for linking this to the History & Home Link Party. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  24. you hit it good i would say. that jadite bowl & mug for $2 each was a steal
    I remember when the bowls were selling for about $50 and the mugs $15-20

  25. I love all the Christmas goodies you found, and the Jadeite was an amazing find! The mug is the same one that my Grandma had when I was little. I can't wait until our flea market opens in the spring! :)

  26. Oh my! How cool is this! I designed the mug and phone case you bought. I just happened to google "balloons pyrex" for a new project I'm starting and I came across this blog post! Thank you so much for linking to my Society6 store. There's a very good chance I already follow you on IG, but if not, I will now! As soon as I finish this new project, I would love to send you a gift!