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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Heading Home

Good morning, everyone!

This morning I'm recovering from having 13 teenage boys over for dinner last night.  Every season, one of Alex's coaches has the team over for dinner a couple of times. Well, Alex decided to invite everyone over to our house for one of those dinners.  He is super proud of the barbecue that Brian and I and put together so I guess he wanted to share it.  Thankfully I have two leaves for my dining room table so we were able to cram all of the boys in one spot.  I have a teenager so I am well aware of how much they eat but add 12 more to the mix?  3 racks of ribs, a 14 pound pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni salad, smoked macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, cheesecake, red velvet cake, and 3 gallons of sweet tea GONE!  It's a lot of work but Brian and I really do love it.  Brian loves to hear about how awesome his food is and I just love to see all the kids together.  Alex is a Senior this year so times like these are few and far between.  Oh and the best part of it?  Not one single one of my vintage treasures was harmed in the chaos.  

Speaking of vintage treasures...as you guys know, Brian and I were in Seattle last weekend.  Well, first thing Saturday morning, we high tailed it out of town.  Not because we wanted to but because we figured we should to the mass amount of people rolling into town for the football game.  I wanted to stay but Brian was ready to get away from all the people and chaos.  So we compromised.  I told him I would leave early but he had to make some junk stops along the way.  Deal.

At the Visiting Nurses Thrift Shoppe in Centralia, I found this.  It's an art deco enamelware piece made by Fiesta.  Does anybody have any info on whether or not it is old or new?  It's turquoise so me buying it was a no brainer, vintage or not. 

We stopped at this little antique store that actually ended up being inside someones house but you would never know it until the lady inside told you.  She had the whole bottom floor set up with all the goods and the stairs cordoned off because that was the part of the house that she lived in.  Kind of weird but she was a super sweet lady.  The only issue was that she was very obviously a smoker.  Her voice sounded like the lady on that commercial who has to stick the thing in the hole in her throat to talk and the whole house had the stifling smell of cigarettes.  But she had such great stuff that I held my breath and soldiered on.
A few weeks ago, I found a tin exactly like this at the flea market. I wanted it SO bad but the seller would not go a penny below her $18 asking price. The worst part was that she had left the 25 cent garage sale sticker on it.  I was super excited to find another one at this antique store.  The lady told me she collected them over the years and finally decided to sell them all around Christmas.  She said she started out with about 70 and this one along with 5 others was all she had left.  She was asking $25 for it.  Why are these dang things so spendy?  But when I told her my sad story about the flea market, she dropped the price to $15.  Okay, still a lot to pay for a tin but I really wanted it and besides, Brian was paying!
She had so much stuff that I love to collect.  No a single piece of Pyrex though but I made up for it with everything else I found.  Brian really like the Prickly Pear jelly glass.  He's from Arizona and his mom and grandma used to make it all the time.  I found a Swanky Swig that I didn't already have too.  The Christmas tin was on the front porch and I think it had been out there for a while.  I had to use WD40 to get the lid off.  The graphics still look really good though.  The lady told us that using something called Colorback which is a polish for classic cars does a really good job of restoring old tins too.  I need to find some. Oh, and did you all know that I started another new collection?  Old games.  The graphics always draw me in.
I bought this Tala Icing Set for the sweet graphics and the fact that the handle is pink!
She had stacks of linens.  Most of them were in really good condition but you can imagine the smell.  I wasn't about to let that stop me though.  That's what Oxy Clean is for.
I picked up a couple Mexican themed dish towels too.
Love the donkey on this one.
So not a ton of stuff but definitely enough to make me happy. I also found something for Hanna and told Brian it was for her birthday but I really don't think I will be able to wait until August to give it to her.  Maybe Valentines Day?  The best part was that the nice lady gave us 20% off of our whole purchase because she said we bought so much.
Hope you all have exciting plans to find some good junk this weekend and that you are all staying warm!  It was almost 60 degrees here yesterday which is definitely not normal for this time of year.  Maddie and I are headed out tomorrow to do some out of town thrifting and antiquing.  Anything to dull these winter blues!
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  1. Love your vintage finds...especially the icing set. HPS Michelle

  2. I hit Centralia earlier this week but didn't hit the shop you hit (I know which one it is). We were headed home from Seattle and we always get lunch in the cafe in the antique mall. The soup and bread combo is awesome. Kicking myself for not doing some shopping too!

  3. Nice finds! I am soooo gonna be the old lady with the antique store in her house. Between myself and my husband, we've almost got enough to start now, and we have a many years to go yet. Good luck with your thrifting and antiquing today. Oh and 60 degrees? We had that last Monday…by Friday afternoon it was -8. Brrrrrr!

  4. I've been in one of those combo house/shop places and it sounds like the same kind of woman, this one is in the next town, not often opened and probably just as well!! Hah!!

    I think your shop sounds way better!!

  5. LOL. I'll be one of those, too. Chain smoking Virgina Slims in the back room of my house, voice & cough from hell, smoke so heavy you'd think I'd be the cause of Global Warming & I'd reassure my custies, "yup, from a smoke free home."

  6. Lots of fun stuff! And how cool that she lowered the price on the tin! It sounds like your sons team dinner was a great success, and your menu has my stomach grumbling for lunch! Haha

  7. Ah yes Erica, saw that tin, pretty cool--way out of my price league! Oh! Love the Tala graphics! Sweet!