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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Outta Here!

Super early on Sunday morning (and I'm talking before sunrise), my little trooper Maddie and I headed out of town to a flea market that we had only visited once before.  Their early bird entrance hours are way earlier than my regular flea market but since I know how quickly things get picked over, I wasn't taking any chances.  I gave Maddie the opportunity to stay home but she really wanted to go.  So with her bag packed the night before (snacks, iPad, and blanket....priorities), we were out the door.

This flea market is held indoors but it may have well been outside.  The manager of the building forgot to turn the heat on.  It was FREEZING.  We weren't layered up like we usually are for our local flea so poor Maddie's teeth were chattering and I bought a coffee just so she could hold onto something warm.  Just so you don't think I was torturing my child, I did trade her my North Face down jacket for her hoodie. 

The last time I was at this particular flea market, there was a seller in the very front room who had tons of smalls and linens.  I remember that I bought a bunch of stuff from him for super cheap.  He said he was really wanting to just get rid of this stuff so he could quit coming to the flea.  Well guess what?  Two years later, he was still there.

I bought two pie birds for my collection.  Maddie convinced me that I didn't already have the blue one.  She was wrong.  But what could I expect?  It was still dark outside!

Love the colors on this apron.

The Morning Glory design on this tablecloth matches my tins and breadbox.

After we made our first pass through the front room, we headed into the main part of the market.  I spotted this at the farthest point of the room and just about broke into a full sprint to get to it

Do you guys know how long I have searched for one of these for?  I was willing to pay any price for it but luckily I bundled with some other stuff and the guy gave me a deal.  Three times I set it down while looking at other things and each time, someone picked it up.  I finally put it in my car.  I wasn't taking any chances!

I bought these two Hazel Atlas child's mugs from him too.

The Cookie Jar was also something that I have had on my list for a while.  The 4 cup measuring cup is by Anchor Hocking.  I can always use another measuring cup and I love the shape of this one.

I bought the Swanky Swig on the off chance that I didn't already have it.  Well I didn't!  The tape tin is for my collection that I bring out at Christmas and Maddie picked up another plastic pig bank for her collection. 

I bought this dish towel and tablecloth from the sweetest little old man who insisted he wrap them both in tissue paper for me because they were "really old".

This is my second chenille baby blanket.  The weather really needs to warm up around here so I can wash it and hang it outside to dry.


Not one to pass up anything donkey related, even if it is a little goofy.

It has been forever since I have found any matchbox holders for my collection.  These two were in a $3 grab bag along with this old box of matches.

With the mass quantities of vintage valentines out this time of year, I only allow myself to buy singles of the ones I collect, donkeys and cowboys. 

I bought this cute framed valentine collage from woman who told me they were hers when she was younger.  Who gets rid of things like that?!  She also had another cowboy themed card for me.

How cute are the graphics on these old lightbulb boxes? 

I bought a box of old cards for a buck hoping for something cute. 

Always happy to find vintage Easter. 

Last but not least, some Halloween picks to add to my jar next Halloween.

I think it is safe to say that I got my vintage fix for a while but don't think for a second I am going to take a break!  Our local flea is this weekend but this haul will be pretty hard to top. 

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  1. It would be hard to pick a favorite from your finds. I LOVE the children's mugs! I have a couple and they are so special! AND the Valentines...LOVE them, too! What fun you had! Good luck on your next trip! Hugs!

  2. Now I know where most of the "good stuff" is....Oregon! You and Maddie made quite a haul...well worth the early hours and cold temps! Wish I had been there, too!!!

  3. Looks like you scored, I bet you were thrilled with the easter goodies perfect timing!

  4. I love the wonderful pictures, especially the little pie birds and the fab Valentines...and the old christmas lights, such wonderful finds, what a great day...

  5. I have that same pink thermos jug! I love it so much :) I love those cute kiddie mugs too. You guys have THE BEST JUNK up there!

  6. I am drooling over how much good stuff you got! I haven't been thrifting this whole month!

    I'm headed WAY out of town this weekend - flying to Phoenix to get some warm weather in for a couple days. I'll get some hikes in and of course visiting a few antique stores! :)

  7. Wow! You found Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and Valentines, all in one trip! That's a major score! Love it all!
    I'm heading out to my parent's place for a couple days. Perhaps I'll find a few things at the shops around there!
    Erica :)

  8. You know I love all the linens, and the chenille is so adorable! Vintage Easter cuties are great!

    I have that same cute yellow pie bird chick. In case yours isn't marked, mine has a yellow Josef Originals sticker on it.

    Have you and Maddie warmed up yet? Forgot the heat...hmmm.

  9. Get that kid out of bed and off to shop..my kind of morning! Love the pink thermos (have one) and a great flower vase in summer. Good finds girl! I agree who sells the Valentines from when they were a kid?

  10. That was surely an all occasion trip!!! Do you really know how lucky you are to live around all these great thrifting opportunities? I hope so!!!! Love everything!!

  11. It was so worth you getting up and braving the cold for that bunch of goodies! I love it all.

  12. I'd freeze my tush off for all of that!

    The pumpkin picks, the vintage cards & Valentines! They still cost an arm & a leg around here. I almost bought a cute red match holder once while camping. It was priced $12. I asked my friend to make an offer, she did, he didn't accept, so we moved on. It had cherries on it. We're not friends anymore, but that's not why.

    & cool you got some stuff you've been searching for!

  13. Boy, you and Maddie really found some treasures. Love the vintage Easter items - we do not have many of those around here.

  14. What an awesome haul, I enjoy every single thing here but the therm jug and easter toys are my faves. Vintages design boxes are beautiful and unique.

  15. Oh wow, the pie birds are such a great find! I rarely ever see them around here. I would have bought all the things you did - just love it all, we have such similar tastes in vintage. Oh and the cookie jar and the vintage Easter, soooo cute :)

  16. Another great haul for you! Love all the cutesy stuff!!!

  17. OMG ....gorgeous finds...LOVE the thermos xxx

  18. Erica, I want to go to the fleas you go to! I have never ever ran across a pie bird. I think I would faint if I did. lol! I too would have nabbed the thermos jug to go with my collection. I also collect the scotch tins. Have 3 so far. Every little thing is just wonderful and I could go on forever. Oh yeah, love the match tins too! And the baby blanket. and so on, and so on. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Oh my goodness...those pie birds are TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!! hugs...

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  21. Omgosh, what great finds! Love the vintage Valentines and Christmas lights but my favorite is those Halloween picks! I have been looking for some of those forever for my sons Halloween party. I would use them but make them give them back, or better yet , trade them for treats!