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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Last Of It (For Now)

I have a little bit of downtime before everybody else gets up and the happy chaos begins.  It's the perfect time to sit in front of the fire with a cup of coffee and show you all the last of my vintage holiday finds.  And just to clarify......I did not actually build a fire.  I simply pointed the remote control at the gas insert in my bedroom.  Instant ambiance!  Don't you love technology?

I found all of this ribbon at SVDP.  At this particular store, there is tons of Christmas decor and the shelves are packed. There are lots of random boxes in the middle of the aisle that have no rhyme or reason. Needless to say, I had to do a lot of digging to find these.  I plan on using them for crafting bases a la Magpie Ethel.

More digging presented me with some Shiny Brites as well as a piece of glass stuck in my hand.  Oh the sacrifices we make for vintage Christmas!

More Santas from the SVDP closest to my house.  The little boot is my first with a tiny mouse on the toe. Pretty cute!

I have a few of these honeycomb bells but I didn't use them this year in any of my displays.  Next year I think I will hang them in the doorway to my office.  Look at how cute the graphics are on the Santa coasters. What should I do with them?

I really like how the SVDP keeps a separate display of all of their Christmas books.  At Goodwill you have to hunt through all of the regular books and who has time for that? 

I bought this box of ornaments at Goodwill simply for display.  I am not a big fan of the actual ornaments even if they are unbreakable.

I searched high and low throughout Goodwill for the mate to this little Japan marked NOEL girl.  No luck but I still couldn't leave her behind.  The Santa is a music box that plays Here Comes Santa Clause.  The little package of trinkets is for something, I just don't know what yet.

I suppose since I have found two more of the elf boot mugs, I should head to Glory Days and buy the matching pitcher.  Maybe I will put a little bug in Miss Maddie's ear and she will con her dad into heading down there and buying it for me for Christmas.  And just when I thought I was done finding Santa boots, I found another tiny one at SVDP.

Speaking of Glory Days, how cute is this little aluminum tabletop tree that I found the last time I was there?  I let Maddie decorate it with the ornaments that she got from her Christmas party. 

Once again, my Best Sister in the World came through and brought me these prizes from a Goodwill that she stopped at on her way down to see me.  The snowman is about 6" tall.  The tiny boot is the first one for my collection with a buckle on the front.  She also picked up the cookie cutter for Miss Maddie.  I was really cranky all day yesterday but this made me feel so much better!  Thanks, Sister!

Uh oh, I hear a creature stirring.  Could it be Santa?  Oh no, it's just Sister. Gotta go everybody.  She always requires my undivided attention. 
Oh, and one more thing!  We have reached 100 wonderful followers.  After the chaos of the holidays, Sister and I will be putting together a giveaway.  Be sure and watch for it!
I am heading over to How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.  See you there!


  1. Thanks for showing all your treasures! I think the thrift stores around here have gotten wise to us vintage hunters. :(

    Ouch about the glass in your hand! I was stuck with a straight pin at the antique mall the other day while rumaging. We junkers need to be careful!

    You could make gift tags out of those cute little santa coasters. Pop them on wreaths, make a garland, hot glue them along a shelf for edging, put sticky tack on the back and put them on the front of cupboards or make a wreath out them! The possibilities are endless!

    Merry, merry christmas to you, sister and Maddie! ♥

  2. Such sweet finds - now sit back and enjoy the holidays.
    Merry Christmas to all of you and congratulations on attaining your 100th follower.

  3. I don't know what it is with me and garlands, but I think you should make one with the Santa coasters too! They are so cute! I love that Santa reading his list!
    Once again you rocked it with vintage x-mas!
    Have a blast with Sister! My sister is on her way over too!
    Fun Fun!
    Erica :)

  4. WOW...love them all....what beautiful finds. Merry Christmas!

  5. I really can't believe how well you do at the thrifts..big city here vs smaller city there...makes a difference! I have the same unbreakable box full except mine are red and I agree the graphics are a winner.

  6. What a great assortment of vintage Christmas decor~ the thrifts really have been good to you lately!
    Thrifting is a dangerous business! I had the same thing happen to me will rummaging in a toy bin at Sally Ann. A porcelain doll was broken and sliced up my thumb~ nearly needed stitches!
    Those coasters are adorable~ they would make a sweet bunting!
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with your sis!

  7. I need to find a Santa boot, don't think it's going to be this year!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful Christams, with maybe a couple of vintage items under the tree!