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Monday, December 17, 2012

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Remember a few weeks ago when Maddie & I headed up to Portland for the  Plucky Maidens Holiday Event?  Well, I just realized that while I showed you the fabulous Magpie Ethel Christmas creations that we picked out in my holiday decorations post, I didn't show you the rest of what we got that day. Time to get caught up!
Maddie was absolutely thrilled when she found this beautiful vintage jewelry box done up with some Magpie Ethel Magic.  It is so perfectly pink and glittery how could a little girl not love it?  Plus, the vintage ballerina images only add to the girliness.
How about some magnificent pink Shiny Brites and glitter bottle brush trees?  She had plenty of both along with the reflector flowers.  Maddie & I were like kids in a candy store.
See that mercury glass candy cane?  Yep, another Magpie Ethel creation.  We also found more Shiny Brites and this cute little knee hugger in some of the other booths.  This is the first knee hugger that we have found that is wearing white.
Being that this Plucky Maidens show was being held during the holidays, you can only imagine the abundance of holiday tablecloths.  The top one is a runner and the bottom one is so big that it can fit my giant farmhouse table.  I don't come across tablecloths that large very often.
Maddie & I each picked out an apron to wear during our holiday baking this year.  Now I just have to find one for Sister to wear when we bake this weekend!
The next day, we headed to the flea market to check out what kind of vintage holiday treats we could find.
Shiny Brites in the original boxes, Japan hugger salt & pepper shaker set, and an old spool of ribbon for crafting.  You knew I wouldn't be able to pass these things up, right?
There was an abundance of ornaments and I evidently thought I needed to buy them all!
I found a couple more Archie glasses for my collection and these super cute donkey shakers.  The Jadite mug is the first one that I have found.  I only paid $2 for it.  I love the flea market!
Like all of you, my heart is heavy with grief for what the people of Newtown, CT are dealing with.  In 1998, a 15-year old boy opened fire in the cafeteria of our local high school.  This is the school that my son Alex is now a Junior at. The shooter killed two innocent students.  This was after he had already killed his parents in their home.  I remember this tragedy like it was yesterday.  But our community came together and helped each other through the unthinkable pain, loss and anger that we all felt.  The residents of Newtown have a long road ahead but with the support and love from their community as well as all of us around the country and even the world, maybe it will make it just a little bit easier.
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  1. You have won, hands down, when it comes to picking up glass ornaments in their original boxes this year! I don't know how you do it. I "heart" your elf in white, and the morning glory apron!
    Erica :)

  2. Fab finds! The white elf is amaze & congrats on the Jadeite mug - I haven't found one piece of Jadeite yet (besides in overpriced antique markets). Archie glasses are really cool & my fav ornaments in this post are the ones posted with the made in Japan huggers.

  3. Wow! I get chills when I see Shiny Brites in their boxes. Lots of great finds!

  4. I wonder what is the grand total of shiny brites for this year??? And, in original,boxes, you find such great stuff - all the time!

  5. So glad you came up to Plucky so I could meet you and Maddie! I did not know you collected Archie glasses. My kids each have one in the bathroom and I can't tell you how many Archie comics we have...kids were ADDICTED to them growing up!

    1. I was obsessed with Archie comics when I was younger. I had a stash of literally hundreds that I would read over and over again. I have 6 glasses now but need to find out just how many are in the set.

  6. Great finds! I absolutely love the Archie glasses and the knee hugger elf.

  7. jealouscovetenvy jealouscovetenvy jealouscovetenvy. Seriously folks......gotta love the donkey salt and peppa. I love silly animal things like that. Love the aprons and table clothes of course. And I have NEVER found a piece of Jadite either.

  8. Again...hats off to you! Those Shiny Brites are a-mazing! I love the jewelry box. I was a ballerina for 14 years. I am partial to vintage ballet goodies! :)

  9. I am going to have to take a trip to come to your area. Our thrift stores rarely have anything good. I need a change of area.