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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Expo....What I Bought Part 2

Good morning!
Busy day ahead.  Hanna and I are headed to the Alameda Points Antiques Faire tomorrow and I have tons to do.  Not only do I have to get myself ready, I also have to make sure that my family has everything they need to survive the weekend without me.  I'm super excited for this road trip and have been looking forward to finding some good junk for weeks  Those of you on Instagram will have a front row seat to all of the fun finds and chaos that awaits us over the next few days.
Now, onto part 2 of what I found at the Palmer Wirfs show a couple of weekends ago...
I was excited to find another breadbox.  These are the best storage containers!
Miss Kitty on the left was found at my local flea market last year.  I was happy to reunite her with her twin.

I bought these chalkware bluebirds not knowing where I would put them. I still don't but there was no way I was leaving them behind!

I could not resist the color combination of this vintage picnic set.  Now if the weather would cool down enough so I could actually sit outside and enjoy using them.

I thought this jar would look cute in a summertime strawberry display.  Which I don't have.  Yet.

I had planned on buying this barn but was so excited about the donkey laundry bag I posted about in Part 1 that I forgot about it.  Luckily it was still there on our second time through.

I believe this unmarked bowl is Hazel Atlas.  I have a mismatched stack of red bowls in my kitchen and this fits in perfect.

This sweet bird apron is made out of a heavy canvas type of material.  I love it.

I normally steer clear of linen tablecloths.  They are a little too fancy and high maintenance for me.  But the pink floral design on this one sucked me in. 

Well, that's it!  I told you all it was worth the 2 hour drive and the massive crowds and heat.  Plus, Maddie and I got some one on one time together.  I really love how much she enjoys going to these shows with me. I hope her enthusiasm lasts!

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  1. I would agree that it is Hazel! I love it.

    I think I have that S&P set. It's pretty sad when you've accumulated so much that you can't remember what you got any more because it's all packed away! I wouldn't leave the bluebirds behind either.

  2. Seriously Part 2? You got more great stuff than we already saw, no fair, lol! I'm with you on the linen, but keep buying it anyway when I love the pattern. Fabulous bowl! So glad you found your matching kitty, hooray!

    Have a great time at the show with Hanna...just know you'll be bringing fabulous goods home with you. :)

  3. I'm loving all the sneak peeks on IG but love the blog too. Can't wait to see what fun you have at Alameda Points!

  4. It was worth the trip and having some one on one time with Maddie is priceless. Ready to watch you on IG as you head south...be safe and have fun!

  5. I really like the picnic set! And the little barn! One of our members Lara, her daughter is almost 2yrs old and Patricia and I have been hunting for some vintage toys for her to play with when she visits the Casablanca. I'm hoping to find on of the smaller metal doll houses! Fab finds, definitely worth the drive!

  6. Love all your sweet finds on your (part 2!!) lol :) So nice you got to spend time with her and she likes treasure hunting too! Have fun on your next adventure!! xo Holly

  7. Girl, I would have bought all those items, too! It's a good thing we don't have the same hunting spots! :)

  8. The apron is for clothespins. You fill the large pocket with clothespins and wear it when you hang your wash. My gramma had one and I would let me wear it and hand her the pins as we hung the wash fresh out of the wringer washer.

  9. I have drooled all over both Parts One and Two. What a great haul! I have a short post tomorrow on some small figurines - I thought of Maddie when I bought them. I gave her a shout-out!

  10. What do you think the vintage breadboxes are worth these days? I have one for sale in my booth but it's not moving. I'm thinking I'll just bring it home to be happy here :-)

    I SO envious of your Miss Priss and bluebirds!!!

    And finally, FINALLY, something I don't have to be jealous for because I already have one: the Lazy Days farm house. Love it! Why don't they still make metal toys for kids? Those were so cool.


  11. What awesome little finds! I have always wanted a pair of bluebirds like those!

  12. I love all of the features this week - so much inspiration! Thank you for graciously hosting this party,

  13. Well worth it for sure! Love, love the picnic set and the birds! Apron and chalkware. I have one little chalkware planter bird hanging in the playhouse under the stairs. Oh and I love the bowl and the barn too. Just love it all! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.