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Friday, June 27, 2014

A Little Road Trip

Happy Friday!

No sales this morning for Maddie and I to head out to.  Let me rephrase that.....no sales worth the constant downpour of Summer rain and humidity that we are dealing with right now.  The boys are getting ready to go camping so I figure I should stick around and help them get out of the house faster.  There are a few Saturday sales on my list though that look promising so I don't think the weekend will be a total loss.

A couple of weeks ago, Brian and I headed South to a farm owned by a super nice man and his wife who are originally from Kansas called Riversdale Valley Farm.  Twice a year, the husband drives back to Kansas an attends auctions and estate sales along with bringing things back from his family's 100+ year old farmhouse.  A lot of the things he brings back are for his personal collection but some of it is for sale. 

Just about everything that I wanted was not for sale.  Typical, huh? 

Aren't the graphics on this chicken feeder the best?  Not for sale.  Even though he had it hidden in the greenhouse.  I told him he needed to display it with all of his other not for sale feeders. 

Which feeders you ask?

These feeders.  Along with tons of old coolers.  Also, what I always thought were tractor seats are not actually tractor seats.  They are buggy seats from old wagons.  I wasn't really listening to the way to tell the difference though.  All I kept hearing was "not for sale".

I'm all about repurposing things into planters.  Or telling Brian how to do it. 

I wanted this grocery store sign so bad.  You guessed it....NFS.  I even tried to convince him that my last name was Kiers (it's not).  He didn't buy it. 

I'm guessing this man was put on this earth to torture me. 

I even tried to work up a tear or two to get him to sell me this.  I explained to him that I had a sister so this sign definitely belonged with me.  Logical, right?

Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself.  Want to see the things that he was willing to part with and that came home with me?

I see some planters in Brian's future.

Pink chairs!!

I have had this canister set pinned on Pinterest for quite a while.  I was happy to find two but they are a little rusty for in the house so they are out on the patio on my bar cart with all my other pretty and rusty things.

I have had my eye on this GE clock at a local antique mall but they want $70 for it!  I'll took my chances and paid $2 for this one.  It needs a new cord and possible a new clock mechanism but its aqua!  Who cares if it works?!  The coffee jar fits in nicely with my 4th of July decorations.

So even though I didn't get to bring home half of what I would have liked too, I still had a blast.  There was so much eye candy and the owners were so super friendly to talk to.  Plus, everything had a story.  Again, most of which I didn't hear because the words "not for sale" were constantly ringing in my head.

I've been promised a phone call when they get back from their September trip back to Kansas.  I can't wait!

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Have a great weekend!



  1. That must have been quite the day!!! So much stuff!!!!!

  2. Way too fun! Love the pink chairs too.

    M : )

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Isn't that what its all about!
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. Oh I love camping! Have fun!! Love the Coca Cola planter! :) And your sweet new pretty clock!! :) Happy weekend! xo Holly

  5. What a fun, fun trip--love the pink chairs so much :)

  6. He certainly has quite the collection of crazy fun stuff! Hope he gives you a jingle after his next Kansas trip!

  7. Oh, that Sister's sign ... I would have drummed up some tears for that one.

  8. Funny post! & great buys! Wheee...pink chairs! I've seen those seats and always thought they were tractor seats interesting.

  9. Those pink chairs are too cool! I really don't see why he wouldn't sell you that sister's sign. Really how many sisters are there in the world :) Good try though!

  10. Aw man, I hate sales with more NFS than for sale! But you did come away with good stuff, and I myself just joined the $2.00 clock club last weekend!

  11. Oh man I WANT that chicken feeder! Adorable! I'm half-tempted to ask you to steal it for me ;-)

    Do you ever watch American Pickers? This post reminded me of them. You could totally do that for a living, you have a knack for finding treasures.


  12. Eeek THOSE PINK CHAIRS. LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing @ TTF!

  13. Oh man, that man is into torture for sure! lol! I would have been dying to see all of that NFS goodness. Love what you did get though. Great planter items and pink chairs, oh-la-la! Thanks for sharing with SYC.