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Friday, January 20, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

So Sister and I are meeting up in Washington tomorrow to go to the big antique show and if all goes right, we will have lots of stuff to post here!  So I figured that I'd better get caught up with some of my other thrifting finds from last week.
I love cute, vintage milk glass coffee cups.  Especially ones that are heavy duty.  They keep your coffee much warmer than any of the new ones you can buy.  I found these Federal Glass picnic print mugs along with these

I love the colors and texture of the Fire King stacking mugs and the kitchy Mickey Mouse and souvenier Reno cups were just too cute to pass up.  Alas, these will be going into my Etsy store or on eBay once I get the time.  There are just so many cute mugs out there that before you know it, you are using your counter space for storage!
My husband, Brian, brought this home for me last week to add to my collection.  I'm pretty sure that it was an apology gift for having to miss our son's basketball game.  Apologizing with gifts of vintage kitchenware?  Works for me!
All of this pottery in one week?  I am pretty sure I have a sickness.  Why oh why couldn't they have made vintage pottery in ugly colors like avacado green or mustard yellow?  Then Sister would have an addiction!
I found this Pyrex Verde lid and divided dish set at St. Vincent's the other day.   This is the St. Vincent's that I NEVER find anything at.  They have really weird things like empty liquor bottles that they sell for $4.99 and I'm not talking antique liquor bottles.  Really, who wants to pay $4.99 for an empty Burnetts Strawberry Vodka bottle?  Some weirdo I guess. 

Be sure and check back to find out how Sister and I did at the antique show.  Hopefully the husbands will let us hit up some thrift stores too!


  1. Ugly colors? Oh sister, can't wait to see you :) Don't forget to bring your granny basket :)

  2. Found your very cute blog through the Pyrex Collective. Pyrex will be your slippery slope to loving all vintage kitchen goodies! Such fun!

  3. Hope you have an awesome time shopping today! I went to a local antique store yesterday that is loaded with great buys for Pyrex and Fire King and tons of the kind of coffee cups you like. I took pics of some of the pyrex and enamel wear that I saw. Check it out at http://www.mamawsplace4.blogspot.com. My sister and I wish we could go shopping with you two today!