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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sloooooow TWO Weeks!

Some may be wondering, where has the other Sister been?  What happened when she headed South?  I apologize for my absence.  With a new quarter starting and not a lot planned, I had to step up to the teacher plate and put together a great 3rd quarter for my Middle Schoolers.  I have been thrifting a bit here and there, but as Sister has noted, it has been a slow time in our thrifting world.  You have to realize that I only have 4 thrift stores in my vicinity, so thrifting life can be challenging.  I find myself craving Pyrex so badly that I make poor decisions.  Thank goodness Goodwill has an exchange policy!  

There have been some great decisions though, and here are a few highlights of the last 2 weeks:
I've obviously been on a coffee cup kick.  All of these besides the little brown one will be going online soon.  I was really excited about the black Federal Glass Zodiac Mug, but it wasn't Virgo, so it must go.  The Kimberly Fire King Mugs are not my thing, but they seem popular.  I also picked up a few Glasbake mugs, a very old Old Spice shaving cup, and a comics mug that I've heard can go for a pretty penny online.  The brown mug is milk glass, heavy, and unmarked.  Any ideas on the maker?
I've been looking for these Libbey juice glasses for a long time and already have the pitcher, so I will definitely be selling them as a set now.  These little rooster cups are super cute, and they may be going to my mother-in-law for her birthday (she collects chickens.)  Last is this strange little pitcher, Sister, do you know what it is or who makes it?

Finally, a little Pyrex!  This Old Orchard Casserole I really like and I know now that this is the one Sister bought with a cradle because it was a promotional a while back.  When I finally realized what it was I went back for the lid that had a little chip in it and someone had already snatched it up!  Man, was that frustrating, but I will find its lid and hopefully cradle some day!  These other two Woodland casseroles with lids I got at this huge red barn flea market for a great price.  Alas, I don't need them and the husband says I must sell.
Speaking of the husband, here is his pick from the red barn.  He has developed a liking for Wild Turkey, which was Sister and my Dad's favorite.  So in honor of Dad he somehow drinks the stuff.  This is a side off an old crate that now sits with all his bird glasses on the liquor cabinet.  I love it and it makes me think of Dad, along with every other thing in my house!  Sister, what do you think Dad would say about all this?  You're sick maybe?  Miss you Sister, what have you been up to?

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