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Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Post Before BRAD PAISLEY!!

As sister and I get ready for our 5th Brad Paisley concert, I am going to take a few minutes to post just some of my finds for the week. 
We had a little bit of time before Maddy's orthodontist appointment the other day so of course I had to run into the Goodwill next to the ortho's office (although I had been there the day before).  I found the Kromex grease jar with strainer mixed in with the Pyrex, the aluminum flour shaker with the measuring cups and the lone West Bend shaker mixed in with all the metal candle holders and sconces.  Note to all thrifters: Search aisles you would never normally visit.  You never know what you may find!
I also found this 1 cup Fire King glass measuring cup and this heavy duty Gemco sugar dispenser.  Funny thing is that the hubs found the exact same two things at a different Goodwill last week.
So earlier in the week, my husband saw this Pyrex Snowflake Snack Server/Divided Dish with the two part lid at St. Vincents for $10.00.  I told him to hold off on getting it only because they would be changing their color tags in a few days and it would most likely be 50% off.  I already have 3 of these otherwise I would have told him to snatch it up at the $10.00 price tag.  He told me he hid it really well (obviously not too well because I saw it the next day back on the Pyrex shelf) and that he would go back for it on Tuesday.  Well I got there before him on Tuesday and there it was WITHOUT THE LID!  I searched high and low but no lid was to be found.  The rubber band that holds the two together was still attached and so was the 2/$9.99 price tag.  I took it up front and the checker gave it to me for $2.50 so it all worked out ok.  I just REALLY wanted the lid!  There must have been some tag switching going on because the lid also had the 2/$9.99 sticker on it and what ethical checker would allow just one part of a two part set to be sold? 

I picked up this JAS English Pyrex gravy boat and drip tray in Autumn Glory and this cute little turquoise flower platter and a random thrift shop that is closed more than it is opened.  The gravy boat was $1.50 and the plate was $.25.  Not bad.
Hello, my name is Erica and I am addicted to Royal China Jeannette pie plates.  Enough said.  There has got to be some sort of program to help me out, right Sister?

That's all for now.  I will definitely have more to post later on this weekend.  I have a rubbermaid container full of other treasures I have picked up this week plus the hubby just called and said he bought so much stuff at Goodwill, they had to give him a box.

Sister, hopefully we won't be moving too slow tomorrow morning to hold up our quick thrifting adventure!! 


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  2. Hi I can understand, I am a bot addicted to those pie plates too! I have 3, & I just left a chipped blueberry one at the GW a couple of weeks ago, kind of regretting it now.