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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forgotten Pictures

I was just going through the pictures on my computer and I came across a folder of photos I took last week of things that I haven't shared with you all.  I've been getting over a pretty bad cold so my brain is still kinda scrambled (a little more than usual).  I just can't believe I forgot about all of these treasures!

My husband likes to call himself "The Bundler" when he is at a sale.  He also likes to call himself "Rattlecan Randy" when he is spray painting something.  Whatever gets him going, I guess.  I sent him to a sale last weekend that I couldn't go to and he picked up these three drink containers for $2.00.  The lady was asking $3.00 so he thought he scored pretty well.  He also found this Fire King sugar bowl.  I have the matching coffee cups for it that I found at St. Vincent's around Christmas.  He's a trooper.  You gotta love a guy who will drag his butt out of bed early Saturday morning to help feed his wife's addiction. 
I met Sister up in Corvallis and we did a little thrifting/antiquing.  I hit the Fire King jackpot at one antique store.  I know I've mentioned in the past that I don't collect Fire King.  I'm simply a Pyrex kind of girl.  BUT this utility dish in the Spring Wreath pattern is the perfect size for rice krispie treats and the coffee cups with the game birds on them were too cheap to pass up.  My kids like to use custard dishes as dipping bowls for barbecue sauce and ketchup.  I think $23.00 is a pretty good deal for all this useful stuff, don't you?  Plus, don't be jealous, but we live in Oregon where there is NO SALES TAX!
Sister brought me a planter and a pottery vase that she found while thrifting on the coast.  Miss Maddy got this cute retro Ferguson Ford advertising ruler at a garage sale for a nickle and the "To Hell With Work, Let's Go To Reno" milk glass coffee cup was too funny and kitchy to leave behind.

A couple random things I picked up at the thrift stores around town...I am going to have Rattlecan Randy paint this canister turquoise.  I'll post a pic if it turns out.  My husband is actually pretty good at the whole spray painting technique.  Did you guys see the cart he painted for me last weekend on the Pyrex Collective II?  It's awesome.

And some really cheap antique store finds with really good thrift store prices.  It was my lucky week.

Well, I'm all caught up with that folder.  I just got done taking pics from all the stuff I found last week and this weekend so stay tuned.  Head over to the Pyrex Collective II to see what the hubs found at the estate sale I sent him to last weekend, especially if you like Spring Blossom Pyrex (I don't). 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Thrifter Buddies!

(Sister, 4 days until our Vegas adventure.  Do you think the thrift stores are opened 24 hours?)

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  1. I love the juice jars in the first picture - I have it in green and it just makes you happy! Excellent finds and I know what you mean about forgotten finds, I really need to start keeping tracking of my blogging ideas because they seem to float away easier these days!