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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Not a Bad Sunday

I usually don't have very good luck thrifting on Sundays.  Everything is pretty picked over and it is usually very crowded.  But I figured that the best way to nurse my (slight) hangover from too many Grayhounds on Saturday night would be a little thrifting therapy.  So it was off to the Picadilly Flea Market (sans makeup which for me is really rare).  Oh how I hoped I didn't run into anybody I knew!
There was a table there about 12 feet long full of Pyrex and this lone Fire King white swirl bowl.  Unfortunately, the Pyrex wasn't anything I couldn't live without.  It was kind of overpriced for the condition it was in but the Fire King bowl was only 6 bucks.  I just won the matching Jadeite one on eBay and hopefully it gets here in one piece.  They will look so cute together.
Starbucks coffee mugs are highly collectible for reasons I can't quite comprehend.  But I guess to each his own.  I'm pretty sure that not everybody would understand my Pyrex collection.  Ok, lets get real here.  Who wouldn't understand the beautiful, vintage yumminess of Pyrex?  You'd have to be crazy to look away.  Anyways, back to the mugs.  I have had some pretty good luck recently selling these and for $1.00 apiece, I should be able to at least double my money ;-)
This vintage jelly jar glass was too cute to pass up.  Sister, if you look closely you will see that that is your's and Brewski's favorite animal. 

After walking through Picadilly twice, I had the intentions of heading home.  But I thought I would check the Goodwill by my house since they change the color of tags on Sundays.
I have enough Snack Servers/Divided Dishes to last me a lifetime and the Early American is not my favorite pattern.  But it had a yellow tag (our local color of the week for 50% off) and was marked $4.99.  So for $2.50, I bought it for the lid pretty much since they are so hard to come by on their own.
I also found this Snowflake Space Saver without the lid.  I wonder how hard it will be for me to find one?  Sister, keep your eyes peeled!  Lid #550-C.
I try not to collect Fire King because there is no way possible that my house can hold both my out of control modest collection of Pyrex and Fire King too.  But I love this Candleglow pattern and the shape of this utility dish is perfect for brownies.  I think there still might be some room under my bed.
Miss Maddy is always begging me to buy these when she see's them in antique stores, but the cheapest I have seen them is $15.00 so no way.  I did find these on the odds and ends shelf at Goodwill marked $1.99 apiece.  Who buys just one salt and pepper shaker?  The clerk agreed with me and gave them to me both for $1.99.  Maddy was so excited!

I did so good at Goodwill that I thought I'd try the St. Vincents down the road.  They don't change their tags until Tuesday but I was feeling lucky.  I'm glad I stopped.
I spotted this 1.5 quart oval Pink Daisy casserole with lid before the doors even closed behind me.  I felt like I was training for the Olympic Trials trying to get to it.  This is the St. Vincent's that I hardly ever find anything at so I was skeptical as to the condition and price.  She's perfect!  Not a scratch on her and with a lid!  I slowly turned her over and braced myself for the price.  I swear the angel's started singing when I saw the $3.99 price tag.  Yipee!!

As I was walking to the checkout, I stopped in the glasswares aisle and found all these cuties.  $.49 apiece.  Not bad.

I am pretty excited for all my finds today.  I guess this was a lucky weekend for both of us, huh Sister?  Oh yeah.  Here are two things I got at my aunts shop on Friday.

You're probably thinking "another pitcher".  Well yeah.  How often do you find these when the ice lip isn't chipped?  And Maddy picked out a cute little baby lamb planter for her collection.  I also got the coolest vintage men's Wrangler western shirt.  I don't think it was ever worn and it's from the 1940's.  No picture, Sister.  You will have to wait to see it on Friday at Brad Paisley.  Have an awsome week!

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  1. I have to admit, I never understood the Pyrex thing. Then lately after prowling tons of vintage bloggy goodness I seem to be wishing for Pyrex. Not the average kind but the funky colorful ones. I know absolutely nothing about them but am waiting to find a fab one to make my first Pyrex purchase (at a thrift store or garage sale of course!) Great finds!