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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Before I Leave for Vegas....

Sister reminded me that I haven't blogged for a very long time again.  I have to remind her, when summer comes you will probably not be able to keep me off here.  Or, if budgets get so bad and my school shuts down, the same may happen.  Until then, here is a little find for you all.
A few weeks back I found this yellow Pyrex Hostess casserole.  Not my favorite color, but it did catch my eye.  I was with sister, so she cleaned it up for me.  Then last night I figured it may be my last chance to thrift my Goodwill for  a few days, so I stopped by after work.  I got the four little bowls for $3.99.  They are definitely dishwasher damaged, but they will do the job for now.

Don't be surprised if there are some strange posts on here in the next few days, Sister and I may be doing a little thrifting in Vegas, with cocktail in hand.  Lets just hope we don't look like this:
In the words of Jenna Marbles, "Dog-faced wasted!"


  1. i am on the lookout for a hostess!

    thrifting in vegas sounds like it would be interesting! keep us updated!

  2. My mother in law gave me her old yellow hostess this summer - I had never even seen it before in the house - we use it all the time, it's the greatest size! Good finds!!