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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sloooooooooow Week

I don't know about you, but here in the Great Northwest we are experiencing quite a thrifting drought.  Sister and I have not been having the exciting luck that we started out with when we began this adventure.  But being the seasoned shopper that I am, I have been able to scrounge up a few goodies this week
The first couple of things I am going to show you were actually thrifted by my husband.  But since this is my blog, it counts as something I thrifted, right? He found these cute little Pyrex Oil & Vinegar dispensers at St. Vincents.  I never knew I needed these until he brought them home.
I like this pattern of Fire King but I see it absolutely everywhere.  I am more into the harder to come across patterns in retro kitchenware.  But the hubs is still learning.  Just because it says's Fire King doesn't make it rare, vintage, and worth a lot of money. 

Funny story about this Anchor Hocking Serva Snack Set.  I saw this at a Teen Challenge Thrift store a few months ago when I very first caught the thrifting bug.  It was only 10 bucks and I thought I had found something really exciting since it was still in the original box.  While at the store, I googled it and found about 40 of them on eBay & Etsy.  Not as rare a find as I originally thought, so I walked away.  The other day, my husband called me and the conversation went something like this:

Husband: I just found a pretty big score
Me: What?
Husband: I was at the Teen Challenge Thrift Store and they had a in the b...
Me: Snack server set?
Husband: Yes!  How did you know?  It's still in the original box.  It's got to be worth something?
Me: Yeah, about the $10 you paid for it.

How funny is that?  So after three months, I still ended up with it.  But there is a silver lining to this snack server cloud:  after the colored tag markdown, he only ended up paying $3.50 for it.  Plus, it actually is pretty cute so I think I am gonna keep it. 
Maddy collects vintage figurines and I found her this cute little unmarked dog planter at Goodwill for $1.00.  She has got quite the collection.  I will have to show you all sometime.

I have seen this Anchor Hocking juice pitcher at a few antique stores.  I love old pitchers but I didn't love this one enough to pay what they were asking.  Lucky for me, St. Vincent's had this one for $2.50.  I don't think it has ever been used and I'm not even sure if it is old.  But with two kids who always seem to be thirsty and can't ever have the same thing, you can't ever have enough pitchers.  I also found these cute drinking glasses at the same St. Vincents.  The two with the wheat remind me of the Golden Wheat Pyrex pattern.  Wonder if they are?  As I am writing this blog, I just got a phone call from the husband.  Seems that he just picked up another one of the Anchor Hocking pitchers at another St. Vincents.  Sister, I'm pretty sure you might need one.

I went to an estate sale earlier this week and met this couple who collect vintage housewares.  They saw me rummaging through the kitchen for Pyrex (check out what I found on the Pyrex Collective 2), and struck up a conversation with me about what all I like to collect.  Long story short, they used to sell stuff at the flea markets in California and for a while had a booth at an antique mall locally.  Now they just have TONS of stuff that they want to get rid of.  They invited me out to "Pick" in their shed and these are a few of the things I found.  I love vintage clocks and this Westclox kitchen wall clock with Bakelite trim was in pretty good working condition.  I also found this Pyrex percolator with all the "guts" and this cute set of light yellow canisters.  I literally only got through about 10% of the shed since it was SO packed and didn't even get a chance to look in the attic.  They are going to have an estate sale this summer so I gave them my phone number and told them to give me a call and that I would love to help them get their sale set up.  They were the nicest people and laughed off my obviously alterior motives. 

No school again tomorrow so Maddy and I are going to head into town and hit up a couple of places we haven't been to in a while, one of them being my aunt's vintage shop.  She always gives me the "family discount" even though I would gladly pay full price.  I will keep you all posted.  Sister, I MISS U!  Can't wait till Brad Paisley next weekend!! 

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  1. It's pretty handy that your husband is on the lookout for vintage items too - I think your finds were pretty decent!!