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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finally a Successful Thrifting Day

The husband and I got out to a few new spots near our home over the weekend and man are we happy we did! 

 First we visited a swap meet that is a once a month thing in Astoria.  We got there right at 9 am and I finally got a little bit of a Pyrex fix.  I found this Sandalwood casserole with a lid for $3, a Spring Blossom casserole with a lid for $3, and Matt found this Shenandoah bowl for $2:

I don't think I will be keeping any of these pieces, but would really like to.  I am just running out of room!

I made a quick stop at Goodwill and finally found a Far Side mug, which Sister told me to keep an eye out for.  I also found a Spring Blossom Butter dish, so I was happy I stopped.

Next, we headed across the river to meet up with a few friends.  We stopped at a random thrift shop on the way and I found this cradle:
It came with a clear casserole in the cradle without a lid, but I have 3 different casseroles that fit in it, so I was really excited to find this, and it was only $3.  I also picked up 3 more Federal Glass bird cups to add to Matt's ever growing collection.

Finally we met up with some friends, visited Jake the Alligator Man, had an early happy hour (which is never good when I am going shopping,) and then went to the antique mall that Sister and I visited a while back.  I picked up a few pieces of Pyrex, but my most exciting find was this owl pitcher that was 40% off.  I love it and can't wait to use it for greyhounds when Sister visits!
Sister, how was Picc-a-Dilly this morning?  I'm off to serve some treats in my Pyrex for the Super Bowl, so look for pictures in the near future.  Happy Thrifting!

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