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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Wait Is Over!

So it has been a full week since my house has been fully decorated for the holidays.  I have been so busy posting my thrift store finds and trying to be crafty that I haven't shared any of my decorations with you. 
**Warning:  If vintage Christmas makes you gag, you may want to close down this site immediately (and seek immediate psychiatric help).
These picks are the lone decoration in my bedroom.  They may just have to stay there year round.
This shelf is Maddie's creation.  Simply called, "The Gurley Candle Shelf".
This is my dining room table.  I love how I can use my small Jadeite collection in my holiday decor.
Maddie calls this shelf the "Magpie Ethel/Golden Egg Vintage Erica Shelf"
I call it perfection.
I got Brian to paint the ugly copper colored Cosco cart I got at an estate sale last Spring.  Although I love my turquoise one for everyday, I really needed a red one for the holidays! 
This is my little pixie shelf.  I love the ones hanging off the end.
Maddie and I love to collect holiday angels.  Some of them are bells.
This ceramic tree is my absolute pride and joy.  My Grandma Gloria had it made for me the year that I was born.  She had several others made but mine was the only one with the toy base.  My mom had such a hard time letting me take this with me when I grew up and moved out that my grandma had another one made for her by the same lady (18 years later!).  Now Sister has that one. I still have the only one with the toy base though.
This shelf holds the random stuff that I couldn't find a specific display for.
Quite the display of plastic reindeer, don't you think?  Deer Gloria has found her family!
I decided this year that my 4' vintage aluminum tree should have a pink theme.  I just need to find a pink tree topper!
 This is my entry way table.  It houses my ever growing Santa figurine collection.
The majority of these were thrifted!
I found this giant blow mold Santa at Goodwill.  He comes up to my waist he is so tall!
More angels and a couple of knee huggers.  One of my most favorite decorations ever is the Lefton kids on a candy cane.  I got it from my favorite aunt.,
Don't you love how amazing the graphics on the old Shiny Brite boxes are?  Perfect for displaying!
This is where I display some of my vintage Christmas cards.  See that little mouse in the back?  It has a slot in the front to hold cards.  My Great Grandma made it for me when I was little.  She was super cranky and really didn't like me very much.  This is the only thing she ever gave me.
I've picked up a few more Santa boots since I've taken this photo.  It all started with the one that Brian's mom made for him when he was little.  I love them!
These are the giant Gurley candles I posted about a while back.  They anchor the Santa boots on the mantle.
This table is another spot for me to put random things that don't go into any particular display.
The top of my Pyrex cabinet houses all of my Santa mugs
Ready for the showpiece in all of my Christmas decor?
It's an 11' tall Noble.  Thank goodness we have vaulted ceilings!
See that amazing little shadowbox ornament in the front made from a tiny ornament box?  That is made by the super creative Erica from Golden Egg Vintage
It took me almost 5 hours to decorate it!  Maddie abandoned me for You Tube videos about 10 minutes in.  Alex told me that he knew how much I enjoyed decorating and he didn't want to take that away from me.  Want the truth?  He was watching Sports Center.
I love it at night time when the rest of the house is dark and the only light is from the tree.  I could stare at it all night.
Hope you all enjoyed our holiday home tour. 
Happy Holidays, Everyone!


  1. Wow, and I thought I had a lot of vintage Christmas! I love all your pieces,especially the Magpie Ethel/Golden Egg Vintage Erica Shelf!

  2. Oh...my...goodness!!! I just imagined myself rolling around in a pile of your vintage Christmas stuff, (Indecent Proposal style), not money! Amazing collection!

  3. This would be a long reply if I commented on everything that took my eye - I love everything! Your tree looks beaiutiful!!

  4. I am swooning with joy! How can I wrangle an invitation to your house for Christmas??? What AMAZING collections!
    I love every picture, and I have a question-do you have cats? I am trying to figure how I can put out some of my vintage finds without finding them on pieces on the floor!

  5. Wow! That is a serious amount of Thrifting represented there ;) Love how you have your collections seperated. Tell Maddie she did a great job on her candle shelf! My favorite is the red cart...super cute. Great job!

  6. I am so in love with your vintage Christmas. I don't have a lot of vintage but I would love for you to stop by http://mamawsplace4.blogspot.com/2012/12/some-vintage-christmas.html. I would love your opinion on if some of my ornaments are Shiny Brights or not.

  7. Erica, Your vintage Christmas displays make me ooh, aah, and drool! & Remind me that I'd better get moving on mine! :-) Pam

  8. I love all your vintage christmas. Your Christmas tree is so beautiful-a real show stopper and the ceramic tree reminds me of my mother who used to do ceramics. She always put them out for Christmas and I would help put the little plastic bulbs in the holes. I think she just has one left now. take care, Darlene

  9. So many lovely things to look at! Aluminum trees are my favorite, and I love love love your Red Cosco cart! And i mist say I have been sick with envy over that HUGE box of beautiful old christmas ornaments that Maddie found. I have a few but now you better beleive im searching for more haha! You and I could decorate and get along famously!

  10. Ah! Vintage Christmas heaven! Thanks for posting! ♥

  11. Really?! Way to show us all up Erica! lol But really, everything is gorgeous! Pardon me while I pick my thrift-envy jaw up off of the ground! ;)

  12. Holy cow, I love it all!!! The red Cosco cart is amazing. And if you'e missing the tree skirt under your aluminum tree in the morning, you know where to find it!

  13. With each picture I thought I would leave a comment about it...but I got so overwhelmed. So many of the things you've got, my Mamaw had when I was growing up. She passed away a few months before she turned 100 in 2010. I'll try to post the two glass tree toppers I was so blessed to get. I do have the little Mr. and Mrs. Santa kissing!!!

  14. My house is ALL vintage Christmas so this was the BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!!!

  15. A+, Excellent, Pass Go! lol
    It's wonderful! Every display is so darn cute! I see many things that I would like to "ADD TO CART"! haha Thank you so much for including me and my little things too.
    Oh...Can you believe that I have a Grandma Gloria too?
    What is our deal?
    Erica :)

  16. Wow, such lovely vintage decorations! There is so much that I want to comment about, but I will restrain myself and make these three observations: 1. I love how Maddie decorates and gives names to the shelves.
    2. That cart! And the cheerful, colorful way you've filled it!
    3. Reading your comment about your cranky great-grandma that didn't like you (hard to believe) made me laugh out loud!
    :) --Fran

  17. Holy Cow, I'm amazed. That red cart is awesome. Everything is just so beautifully sweet.

  18. Oh my! What wonderful decorations. I also love the red cart and how you use all your finds.

  19. You sure have a ton of vintage!! I can just look at it forever!! Thanks so much for posting all these great pictures to enjoy :)

  20. Love it, love it! I have a fetish for those plastic deer. I have some but keeping my eyes out for more. Love your silver tree and all of your wonderful collections. The red cart is such a fun piece. I have a couple of blow molds and adore them. Thanks so much for sharing with 'Creating Christmas'

  21. Erica, forgot to tell you how much I love your jadite. I only have a mug and saucer and a set of measuring cups. Hoping to find more of that also. Always love your finds!
    Hugs, (again)