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Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's the Holiday Season......

I'm finally feeling festive.  This is thanks to Sisterita who knows I don't have a lot of Christmas decorations.  She has picked me up multiple amazing prizes that fit perfectly into my built-ins in the living room.  I can't show you the whole thing, because that will ruin my wreath surprise, so be patient, I will showcase it all together this Saturday.  Until then, here are all my new prizes that make me feel like singing (don't worry I wont really sing for you, it would be too traumatizing.)
 Sister picked me up a ceramic tree.  It doesn't have a base yet, but I've been talking about needing a new ceramic tree for a while.  I have the other one that Grandma Gloria made, but I want to give it to Maddie someday when she lives on her own, so Sister is helping me plan ahead.  She also got me these two Lefton deer that I'm in absolute love with.  They match my other deer friend's ears, so now he's not so lonely.  Do you see my elf friend sneaking around on the tree?  You know you are desperate for vintage Christmas when you pick little guys like this out of wreaths at the Goodwill.
Isn't she ridiculously cute?
 Did you know my favorite color is orange?  I couldn't make it to the  craft show with Sisterita, but she was sweet enough to pick me up some goodies from Magpie Ethel's booth.  The party bird is going to be out year round for sure.
I love deer.  It doesn't matter if they are reindeer or not.  This little guy is ready to rock around his orange bottle brush tree I think.
 When I got to Sister's on Friday I walked around her house looking at all the displays like I was at a museum.  When I got to her Gurley candle display I was beyond jealous.  I told her I didn't own a single Gurley candle.  So what does she do?  She picks me up these friends at Pic-a-Dilly on Saturday when I was working.  They were a whole quarter apiece!
Thanks Sisterita, I don't feel so left out on the vintage Christmas goodness.
 I decided to fill the last two cubbies with my year round deer.  I mean, they can pretend to be reindeer, right?
The iron deer in the back I picked up at Goodwill tonight.  It is a heavy duty candle holder.  I don't know if it is old, but I do know this little wooden Santa maybe had too much eggnog and can't help but take a ride.

Stay tuned to see this display in it's entirety this Saturday, when I finally share the rest of our wreath making pictures.
I'm going to party at Thrifty Things Friday & Vintage Thingie Thursday.  Join me!

Until Next Time,
Sister Hanna


  1. Lucky you to have a sister like Erica to keep you supplied in whatever you might be needing, like Gurley candles! I don't have any either, I had to order one lonely candle on Ebay!

  2. Well, everything is so darn cute! Sister really hooked you up! I love the green lefton deer and the Magpie Ethel creations of course. That's very sweet that you'll be giving the ceremic tree to Maddie.
    Happy Holidays!
    Erica :)

  3. You are lucky to have such a nice sis! Loving the non-traditional orange of course and glad they went to a good home.

  4. My kids give me a hard time about how many deer I put in my Christmas decor. I think they look perfect next to Santa!

  5. Lucky you some Magpie Ethel decorations!! Love your Lefton deer!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Wow, what wonderful vintage Christmas treasures! All terrific pieces. Thak you for sharing them with us last week at TTF. Have a fun day!