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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ok, So I Have A Problem!

You would think that with us being smack dab in the midst of Christmas, that I would find many other things to do rather than head to the thrift stores on a daily basis.  Well you would be WRONG!  I just can't stand the thought of someone else picking up my piece of vintage Christmas and putting it in their cart.  Don't they know that it is mine, ALL MINE!!  Thrifting will go back to a somewhat less obsessive pace after the holidays are over but until now, feast your eyes on what my diligence has been rewarded with.
**Note: Before I cause a boycott of our blog, all of these items have been found over the last few weeks, not just in the last few days.  I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that before you decided to hate me:-)
I found the Santa boot, planter, candle holder, and tablecloth at a Goodwill in Portland when Maddie & I went to visit Plucky Maidens a few weeks ago.  It's always so fun to thrift in another city.
I found this box of Shiny Brites at the SVDP by my house.  I have had some pretty good luck at this particular thrift this year for vintage Christmas.  As for the rest of the year, it's pretty rare for me to find anything there at all.
I found all of this there too.
I popped into Goodwill the other night before Alex's basketball game to pick up a couple of Christmas mugs for Maddie's mug exchange at school.  These two cuties were there to greet me by the front entrance.  One for me and one for Sister.  Her first blow mold!
It was a good night at this Goodwill.  I also got the large Gurley tree and this set of Made in Japan shakers.  I have seen this set on quite a few occasions but they are always marked Taiwan. 
I also found a Ziploc bag full of these cute little Japan marked bells.  And yes, I did remember to pick up the mugs for Maddie.  What kind of mother do you think I am?
I had a few more minutes to spare so I stopped at the SVDP where I have been having some good luck lately and found this jeweled star tree topper.  It must have been my lucky day because I managed to grab this USA marked turquoise pottery vase out of the cart that they were wheeling out of the back. 
Isn't the star so pretty all lit up?  The bottom right isn't burnt out but for some reason it didn't show up as well in the photo.  I had initially planned on putting it at the top of my aluminum tree but I didn't want to have to dangle an extension cord down the back and run the risk of one of my precious pink Shiny Brites getting knocked off and possibley broken.  Oh, the horror!  So now it sits next to my new snowman blow mold in the living room.
And wouldn't you know it!  The day after Sister finds me a tree topper for my aluminum tree, I find one too!  That's okay.  Like Pyrex, it's always good to have a backup.  I think I may like the one Sister found me better.  Mostly, because it is from her.
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Happy Holidays, Friends & Stay Tuned For More!


  1. How could we possibly hate you?! You share everything with us and spread thrift-hope across the land! Hahah. Love the bells

  2. What great stuff you found! I adore your snowmen (snow girls??) blow molds, so darling.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. So cute - I think my preferred one is the star tree-topper - I remember a similar one on my grandma's tree.

  4. Now I want Santa boots!! Oh, no....

    Those blow molds are the cutest and to get two!! Lucky!!

    If I didn't have to drive an hour to the thrift, I would probably be there often too!! I think like that too, what if somebody is getting all the good Christmas!!!

  5. Yet again you've found some fantastic vintage Christmas finds! I have to say my favourite are Santa's packages; salt and pepper shakers. And of course the snowman blow molds!

  6. Pretty good finds...love your ALL MINE attitude! Loving the blowmold snowman.

  7. Even more vintage Christmas! Lucky!

    Santa & the piano - love!

  8. I have not been thrifting at all during the holiday season! Blasphemy, I know! You've motivated me to get off of my keister and do some thrifting!

  9. I have found a lot of the thrift stores around me have Christmas things marked at 50% off. I am going to grab as much as I can!! Great finds for you!!

  10. Regardless of when you went thrifting, it paid off.

  11. If it wasn't for other bloggers finding the things that I haven't, I wouldn't know some of them exsisted! So no, I don't hate you! :)

    Yes, always good to have a back up tree topper. ;)

  12. hahaha Well, You sure scored! I was driving home from the Thrift Store yesterday, feeling really guilty. Haa! And I thought of you! I thought...the only other person who has this addiction as bad as I do this year, is the other Erica.
    What is our deal?
    Erica :)
    ps I did really well too! Haa!

  13. Love your Christmas blow molds! I have yet to find some, might not find some this year hopefully by next Christmas I will have some to show off too =)

  14. I hear you on the everyday visits ... the thrift I hit is the next town over, so I can't justify going there every day. But certainly every trip. It's the only way to get the good stuff! You've done really well!

  15. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I thought I was already a follower of yours? So now I am.
    You are so right, I read your last view posts and so many of my things showed up on your blog! You have great style!! :)
    Love the pyrex too...just got a set of daisy or as I refer to it as sunflower cinderella bowl set at auction for $2.50!

  16. "like pyrex, it's always good to have a backup..." LOVE it!! I totally understand. Even if it did take several weeks to accumulate these treasures, I would say you hit the jackpot! :) --Fran

  17. You have found some awesome vintage Christmas treasures! I love seeing the old pieces being used and brought back to life. They are just so fun! Thank you for sharing at TTF last week. Have a fantastic day!