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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrifting With My Sister

While in Astoria last weekend, Sister and I took off bright and early on Saturday morning to do a little thrifting.  Don't ask me how we were able to be out the door by 8 am.  I am pretty sure we may have still been slightly intoxicated from the night before.  Why else would Sister decide that she needed to stop at the grocery store for sushi?  A rational person would not have made that call.  But let me tell you, she regretted it.

We made it into Goodwill and a couple of the antique malls in her area.  Pickings were slim but I still managed to pick up a few things.

The thrift stores have started putting out their Christmas decorations and I couldn't believe the amount that the tiny little Goodwill in Warrenton had.  This is all of the vintage that I managed to find though.  I have been searching for pink ornaments so I was happy to find some.  They are a really bright pink and still have the Woolworth's stickers on the box. Once upon a time, they were 49 cents apiece.  I also got a grab bag of random little figurines.  They may come in handy if I ever get any crafting motivation.
I also picked up these two candy buckets for 50 cents apiece.  One is marked "Empire" and one is marked "1980".  Sister found the little witch candy holder at an antique mall.  It is the second one that I found this year for $5.  At the same antique mall, there was one in a display case for $30.  Is there something I'm missing?  Are there differences that I am not seeing?
I got this Hazel Atlas shot glass at Goodwill.
I am acquiring quite a good collection, don't you think?  All of them thrifted or from garage sales.
I have such a weakness for vintage pitchers and glassware, especially if they are at good prices.  I found this set at the antique mall that the witch came from.
I also got this Oregon souvenir glass.  I noticed that the dates on it are June 10th-September 17th.  Well, June 10th is Miss Maddie's birthday so I had to buy it!
A couple of weeks ago, I found the pink Hazel Atlas bowl at the Goodwill by my house.  I found the yellow one in Sister's kitchen cabinet.  I told her that I needed it because I already had the others.  The yellow one is marked Fire King.
I am pretty excited to have found this many.  The thing that I don't get is that some are marked Hazel Atlas and some Fire King but they are all the exact same bowl, just different colors.  My favorite is the Jadeite. 
And just in case you didn't already know, I have the best sister in the world.  She gave me this Pyrex Red Pine Cone bowl because she knew that I already had 2 pieces of Christmas Pyrex.  It's not even Christmas yet!  Thanks, Sister!

That's all for now.  Maddie and I are headed to our favorite antique mall for their holiday open house.

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  1. I love all your vintage goodies! Especially those pastel bowls all stacked. They just look wonderful. I found a red pyrex bowl that looks just like the one you are calling Christmas Pyrex? It was actually in bad yucky shape. I tried cleaning and buffing it out. The red was very marked up and had lots of whitish film. I ended up using Bar Keepers friend. i was afraid it might take the paint off, but it actually did a good job. But it still had no luster, so I sprayed it with Pam and rubbed it out. It really is still a sub-par bowl, but I do think it is pretty. I would love to find one in better shape. I must keep looking!

  2. I also love vintage pitcher and tumbler sets. Putting sets back together is one of my favorite challenges! You found some great stuff! I love all of it!

  3. Oh man, sushi after a night of adult beverages sounds like a bad idea to me. Glad she lasted long enough for you guys to find some good stuff!

  4. Love everything!!

    I have a set of those four Fire King bowls at the house in PEI - we always used them for cereal.

  5. Lovely finds....I especially like the pastel bowls and that cool pitcher/glass set!!!

  6. Those are such yummy colors on the HA bowls!
    That's funny about the witch...are they worth $5, or $30?? I saw the one with the cat in an antique store for $45. I literaly laughed out loud at the owner of the store when he showed it to me! LOL ooops!
    I see you are gathering WREATH ornaments! haha
    Erica :)

  7. Love that stack too! Great collction of the drinking glasses too. By the way, it is really fun to hear about Maddie in your posts, she sounds like a hilariously awesome kid.

  8. Pink and yellow, pink and yellow! Yum! ♥

  9. I don't get pricing at all! I had the same thing happen with a Halloween noisemaker. That witch is adorable!

  10. Love the pastel bowls.

    I've noticed with some mug patterns (particularly the tulip pattern) it's done by many different companies... always wondered why.

    I saw some of those shot glasses at Value Village, but never bought them. My BF gave me a disconcerting look... go I put them back on the shelf.

  11. You found some fabulous treasures. I love that vintage pitcher and glass set! Thank you for sharing at TTF.

  12. My Grandparents used to have one of those shot glasses up at thier cottage. As a kid I used to request to use it as a cup, I never understood what it was really for. :)