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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ready For More?

I really should be making my Thanksgiving menu and grocery list.  But truthfully?  I'm really looking forward to Christmas decorating this year and would have no problem skipping Thanksgiving altogether.  Especially because Sister is going to Florida and we won't be together. So I will try to curb my holiday appetite by sharing even more finds from the crazy vintage Christmas haul.

If you aren't caught up on my finds thus far, you can go here & here.  Otherwise, sit back and enjoy even more holiday goodies.
Maddie decided to give this Kurt Adler angel ornament to her Samo (grandma).  She collects angels.  I am not sure just how old this ornament is.  It is made of heavy duty plastic but looks ceramic.  The more I look at it, the more I think I may have to take it back.  It is really cute.
There were lots of boxes of tiny ornaments and regular size ornaments.  These will be perfect for the wreath that Sister is going to attempt.
There was even a box of Shiny Brite's!
Lots of NOS reflectors for crafting.  Crafting what?  Well, I'm not sure yet.
I love the Tinsel Garland.  I wish there was more!

You should heard Maddie when she pulled this out of the box.  "MOM IT'S GLITTER GLUE!!"  Uh no, Maddie.  It's a giant mess that will probably not see the light of day outside of the box.

I hate to sound redundant, but yes, there is more!

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  1. Those NOS reflectors a fabulous! You are KILLING ME! Haha I dont decorate for "Thanksmass/Christmas" until the sunday after Thanksgiving! Then we clean the whoel house and put up all the fun junk i've collect all year!

  2. Haahah! I just said to my Mom "This is Killing Me", and now I see Mick's comment! LOL
    Yeah...this is really too much to take Erica!
    Laurie of M.P Ethel makes really cute flowers for the x-mas tree and on stems out of those reflectors. That would be such a great craft for Maddie!
    Plllllease let her open that glitter glue! lol
    Erica :)

  3. Combine the reflectors with those tiny ornaments and make flowers! that's my all-time favorite Shiny Brite box--LOVE Uncle Sam & Santa shaking hands!

    PS--those beaded garlands from you last post--those sell for like $20 each at my antique stores. So you are sitting on a goldmine! LOL

  4. Love it all. Keep them coming. When my husband's grandmother passed away, we got all her Shiny Brites....about 4 or 5 boxes. Those are the first things that go on the tree every year and then we fill in with everything else. We don't have the original box any longer. Too much wear and tear over the years. But they are in their own storage container and layered with cotton batting.

  5. I think you should use those reflectors the old school way. I was looking up how to make Christmas light reflectors the other day on google as a matter of fact. Unfortunately I don't have the patience to cut tons of cute little reflectors for my lights!!!!
    You really stocked up on ornaments! Good for you! :)

  6. You have some great back in time decorations. They do not make things like that anymore.

  7. Yes, Denise is right. Use them old school style! I can't wait to see your decorations for Christmas. It's gonna look like a freakin vintage wonderland!

  8. What a SCORE. Seriously. Crazy score. The reflectors.....

  9. Great Christmas stuff! You just keep it comin'. It's fine by me!
    Glitter!!! I finally let my grandgirls use glitter the last time we crafted together and oh my! What a mess!

  10. Love finding vintage christmas items never unwrapped!

  11. Ha ha! That is funny! I just got done making my menu for Thanksgiving. But I am having fun with Christmas crafts, too. I love the reflectors! Can you put them on modern lights? I think that glitter is a girls best friend!

  12. I love it all. The boxes you got were a major score. The reflectors are great.

  13. I need to make a wreath too!!!

  14. You what is sick about all this? I was there helping Erica stuff it all into boxes and I had NO CLUE this is what she got. Hoard a little Sister? :) Can't wait to make you an ornament wreath when I'm down.

  15. Wow, I have some thrift envy. Great thrifty finds.