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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost Done

Miss Maddie and I made it up to Plucky Maidens on Saturday morning (this despite the bottle of champagne I drank on Friday night.  Don't ask.)  We met up with the lovely and as you all know very talented Laurie of Magpie Ethel.  She is such a sweet lady and believe me when I tell you, her creations are even better in person (if that is even possible). Maddie and I were truly in a Winter Wonderland in her booth and went a little wild with what we picked out. I can't wait to show you everything we got from her as well as our other Plucky treasures.  But, I just can't move on until I am all done with the box haul.  I just counted my photos and I have 30, yes I said 30, pictures left.  I am breaking it all down to two final posts that are going to be pretty picture heavy. 

Bear with me, readers.  We are almost done!
Remember how I told you that the lady was really into crafting?  Maddie now has enough craft supplies to last her for at least the next year.
Lots and lots of NOS sequins and trim.
Some cute little handmade ornaments.  I'm a little on the fence about this mouse/bear.  Maddie thinks it's creepy.
I love love love this pink corsage in the original packaging.  I tried to get Alex to give it to his girlfriend for her homecoming corsage and he just laughed at me.  Uh, why not?
There were lots of magazines from the 60's.  I flipped through a couple of them but the mustiness about knocked me over.  After letting them air out for a bit, I will have to check them out a little more extensively.  I'll be sure to share some of the fun pics with you (like the pink Frigidaire washer and dryer).

There were about 20 sheets each of all of those old stickers and I think I am set on gift tags for this year.  I love the graphics on the Dennison seal box.  I will definitely be displaying it.

Okay, that is all for tonight.  Tomorrow, I will share the last of the haul with you.  But don't worry. As I told you all before, I have lots more stuff to show you that I have picked up in the last couple of weeks.  You haven't heard the last from this Thrifter Sister.

I'm going to be linking up with Sir-Thrift-Alot for his Thriftosaurus Haul.  See you there!
Until then, blog friends!



  1. Oh my, the blue sheet stickers.. I had those growing up. I love them. They just brought back some great memories.

    Can't wait to see what's left.

  2. I adore the 1960's magazines, especially the Family Circle ones! It seems like any older magazines I find also have a musty smell. Maybe it's just unavoidable...

  3. The pink corsage is amazing! You are set for some serious Christmas crafting! Enjoy

  4. I see some posts coming with vintage ads! Love the old magazines!!

    Maddie must be in heaven with all the crafting supplies!

  5. You have so many vintage crafting supplies! I can't wait to see what kind of great things you and Maddie come up with.

  6. Love it all! Maybe Maddie will make some cute crafts to share with us from her treasures. The pink corsage brings back tons of memories. Back in the early to mid 60's it was customary to wear one of these corsages on your coat lapel during the holidays. We always bought ones that were green and red and very similar to your pink one. Thanks for sharing all your goodies.

  7. Wow Erica! You have really hit the Christmas motherload! I am super impressed with all of yours and Maddie's finds! Those magazines are something to hang onto for sure. I can't wait to see how you use the crafting finds! :)

  8. Yes, Maddie has the best stash of Christmas craft supplies ever! The corsage is amazing! I collect them, and make them! Something about their over-the-top tackiness is so great! I'm laughing at the thought of Alex giving that to his date! lol
    Erica :)

  9. WOW, the goodies just keep coming! Those magazines are pretty terrific, and I bet there are all kinds of good stuff in them. I've got a few stinky magazines that I actually have to wear a mask to read. Didn't even notice they were moldy until I got them home!

  10. I remember having those stickers around my parent's house at some point. They are darling! You really did good with your purchase - so many cute things!