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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back from Astoria

We made it back from Astoria!  We left the sideways rain and 50 degree temperatures of the Oregon Coast and returned to record breaking 75 degree temperatures in the Willamette Valley.  Despite the rain and cold, we still had a great time visiting with Hanna and Matt (and Piper, Marley & Hope).  Sister and I got in some thrifting and antiquing before the Oregon State/Arizona State football game (Go Beavs!), and although it wasn't as fruitful as we had hoped, we did still get a couple of things.  But in true fashion of this particular Thrifter Sister, I don't have photos taken yet.  But I still have some unshared photos on my computer that should hold you all over until I get around to taking them.
I got this old suitcase at an estate sale a while back.  I need to try and clean it up a little better.  Then I hope to find a couple more to make a nightstand or end table. 
Maddie loves these little plastic promotional piggy banks.  She has acquired quite a few in the last couple of months.  She bought these for herself from a local antique mall.  I love that she takes her own money and buys old things!
My husband, Brian, and I were heading to a sale out in the country and saw a bunch of signs for a park wide sale at a little trailer park.  I hadn't seen this sale online or in the paper and one of the homeowners told me that the person who was supposed to put the ads out never did so there were not a lot of people showing up.  Lucky me!  I got all this stuff from her house for $7, including the cocktail shaker!
I got this jar in the free box at the same sale.  It is shaped like a barrel and marked HA for Hazel Atlas. 
This is the third set of Santa's Elves that I have found.  I have lots of ideas for them.  I can use them in Christmas crafts or on cupcakes.  My only fear is that if I use them on cupcakes, they will get thrown away by accident. I'm not sure how comfortable people will be if I am hovering over them while they are eating their cupcake just to make sure they don't throw away their vintage topper!  They may think I'm a little weird.
I have gone to exactly one sale in the last 3 weeks and this is all I found.  You won't hear a single complaint out of me, though!  Especially with the ten cents apiece price tag.

I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back!  I really hate this time change. I definitely have a harder time adjusting this time of year then I do in the Spring. 

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  1. Why can't I find .10 xmas ornaments???? LOL
    Love all of you finds, and Maddies little Pigs!
    Can't wait to see your pics from your trip.
    Erica :)

  2. Glad you had fun on the coast despite sideways rain. Love Maddie's pigs...I have a few of those too.

  3. Ohhhhh love the ornaments! I collect those! INSANE PRICE! Love the suitcase too!

  4. Love the ornaments. They would look so nice on my vintage white tree. Great finds!

  5. Everything you find is always good!!!! Guess Maddie is learning from the best....

  6. That blue dish with the white flowers on it, I think I have the matching bowl! Wecall it "The Rose bowl" as it is blue nad has 3 white roses on the inside in white. (isnt it weird how the glaze feels, the blue is thick and the white is smooth!) We use it in the sink to keep just enough drip water in to wash your hands. Great finds! and Im 99% sure you H.A. Jar was one for peanut butter! or maybe Pickles?!

  7. You might be digging in the garbage can after dinner to find your cupcake toppers. BTW, I found some Gurley candles this weekend. I had just read your post on your Gurley find the other day, so as soon as I spotted these candles I got a little weird deja vu moment.

  8. GREAT finds!!!! I love everything!!! Thanks for linking up to my linky party!

  9. I love all the finds, and the little elves are perfect for the season!

  10. Wow I love those hilarious little elves! I'm all about silly vintage Christmas stuff. Also, everything you picked up at the trailer park sale is awesome!
    Thanks for linking up with us!